Saturday, November 29, 2014

You can't fix stupid: it burns down its own house and then

yells 'Racism!'
(yes, it's from a satire site, as I have been reminded a couple of times; just got around to adding it)
We have as our prime example a arsonist, racist and stupid bastard named Tyler Jackson.
According to a report in the Ferguson Post-Gazette, 32-year-old Tyler Jackson threw a Molotov cocktail into a window not realizing he was setting ablaze his own residence. The home, which was empty at the time, subsequently burned to the ground.
“It was dark. I got all turned around. I thought it was a 7-11 or something,” he told the newspaper.
Which, of course, would excuse it: "I thought I was burning down some poor bastards business and putting his employees out of a job, not my own house!"  There, fixed it for you, you dirtbag.

Oh, of COURSE he called for help:
Witnesses describe Jackson shouting expletives after he realized what he had done. He then tried to put out the flames himself with a garden hose, but eventually called 911 and asked the fire department for aid.
“They told me they were too busy with other fires to come help,” he lamented. “I couldn’t believe it. I mean we pay these people’s salaries! What do you mean you’re too busy?
“A black person’s house burns down and suddenly you’re ‘too busy’ to put the fire out? This is what racism in America looks like.”
Let's see... you're
Trying to burn down a business that had not a damn thing to do with what you're 'protesting',
Set fire to your own house,
And because the fire department is tied up fighting all the other fires your dirtbag protester compatriots have set, it's 'racism' that they won't drop everything else to put out the fire YOU SET.
Right.  Sure.

Chances of this admitted arsonist being put in jail: zero.  Chances of him getting welfare and so forth: probably about 1. 

Jackson and Sharpton and Holder and Obama should be happy, this idiot is partly of their making, and they got what they wanted: someone who can burn down his own house and blame it on whitey.


Grog said...

The daily currant is satire, so this story is fictional, although I wouldn't be surprised if this had actually happened with the mentality of 90% of the population being what it is.

Firehand said...

How can you tell satire when it so fits the current news?

NotClauswitz said...

HAHAHAAHA! That story brings joy to my heart. The clueless idiots burning and looting seem to think "Insurance will cover it."
They never have had any insurance until they got Obamacare - because it doesn't cover suck wanton acts of civil unrest and violence.

Grog said...

Firehand, here's how the DC identify themself.

Because they describe their publishings as fiction, that's what I was referring to.

As for your question, I'll probably never be able to figure that out, except to say that people are weird. ;)

NotClauswitz said...

"Suck" was a misspelling, but appropriate. ;-)

EgregiousCharles said...

Dude, this post really needs an edit to note that the whole Tyler Jackson story is 100% fiction from a satire site.

Firehand said...

Yeah, I need to do that; keeps slipping