Sunday, November 23, 2014

So Holder's not only a liar, he's an incompetent. And most of the press

so far in the tank I'm surprised they could pipe in enough air.  Not just disgusting, but kind of amazing.
1. Send a letter to the Hill explaining what happened. Put in context the amount of information you get every week, say that you don’t recall reading those bullets or being aware of Fast and Furious at any time before early this year, but in any event, you certainly weren’t aware of the gun walking aspect of it until the news broke earlier this year (at which point you took immediate steps to have the IG investigate, etc.). This needs to happen tomorrow. In fact, it should’ve happened today. The last time your credibility was directly questioned was whether you had disclosed all of your amicus briefs — the story started to break on a Thursday night, and we made people stay up all night compiling information so we could get a response out by 1 pm or so on Friday.
Because telling the truth was never an option.

If I were you, I would want answers from the entire team (Cole, Reich, on down), on why the Department let Issa decide what to do with these memos. The whole point of the review is to find things like this and come up with plans for dealing with them. It should have been obvious that these memos were going to be a huge target, and instead of just handing them over, the Department should have put them out to reporters on its own terms, instead of letting Issa do it. Give them to lssa at the same time you give them to the press with an explanation that takes the air out of the balloon. And if the answer is we owe it to Issa to give him this stuff first — well, that’s obviously ridiculous.
Because following orders from Congress to turn the stuff over, well, are you kidding?

On the incompetence front,
[Attorney Gen. Holder email below said he doesn't usually bother to read briefings sent to him directly by his top advisers, including mentions of Fast and Furious long before he said he'd heard of the case.]
“Sigh. Can I see the 2 reports mentioned below- sure I didn’t read them. I rarely do. The February e-mail shows that was my first real F/F knowledge.”

p. 338
[Holder email addressing, specifically, the briefings sent to him by National Drug Intelligence Center adviser and Criminal Division chief]
“I generally don’t read those.”
So we're supposed to believe that something this major was happening, with multiple agencies involved, with violations of federal law, violation of an international border, and 'I never read that stuff'?  Really?  If false, they were working on their cover story; if true, he's an incompetent bastard.

Remember the various Democrats almost bragging that they hadn't read the Obamacare bill, "We don't have time for that, are you serious?" crap?  Looks like they got their inspiration from the top.

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Windy Wilson said...

"he doesn't usually bother to read briefings sent to him directly by his top advisers"
"I generally don't read those."
As an attorney he should be familiar with the concept of "constructive knowledge". He knew or should have known, as a reasonably prudent person in the position of Attorney General of the United States.
I can't imagine any Attorney General from the past, say, 226 years getting away with saying that in any sort of tribunal or investigation. And if he had said that, keeping his job would be the best possible outcome.
The country is in the best of hands. Top. Men.