Wednesday, November 26, 2014

An experiment was made

Few years back, before the price went through the roof, I picked up a couple of battle packs of South African .308 ammo.  Good stuff, though Berdan primed.

Got to wondering if those Berdan primers I'd picked up would fit, so deprimed and resized some brass I'd saved, and tried them; fit perfectly.

Loaded up twenty rounds with my standard cast-bullet practice load for such cartridges, and tried them this morning.  Worked perfectly.

That makes 7.5x55 Swiss, Yugo 7.62x39, and now that .308 that will work with them.  Makes me glad I saved that stuff.


Anonymous said...


How exactly did you deprime the cases?

Just in case you needed a subject to blog about. Details please - how long did it take, was it a pain, did you need goggles, etc.

I presume that normal methods were used to reprime, but if not, there is more info that folks need.

I presume that you already had these primers on hand, but where could you get them - they don't stock them at my local gun store.

Inquiring minds an all that.

Firehand said...

I've got a Berdan depriming tool; I'll take some pics and do a post on this later.

Found the primers at a show, dealer is
J&N Supply. Don't have a website, so
3261 S. 124 Rd.
Flemington, MO 65650
417/253-4200, 417/298-3635

KM said...

Do Berdan primers have a different place to squish the priming compound between the anvil? Is there and anvil? Since I always treated berdans as throw-aways, I really have no idea.
Just trying to get a jump on the later post. ;)

KM said...

Oops..and---> an

Firehand said...

Berdan cases have the anvil in the primer pocket, and two small flash holes, one on each side, so no anvil in the primer