Thursday, August 21, 2014

Don Lemon-CNN is a lying bastard

who wants to go by Humpty Dumpty rules.
“For me, an automatic weapon is…”
That says it all, doesn’t it? For people who live in consensus reality, an automatic weapon is an automatic weapon. For Don Lemon and people who agree with Don Lemon, an automatic weapon is any weapon they want to call an automatic weapon, whether or not that weapon is, y’know, automatic.

Add that to the people claiming "The cops wouldn't be acting like an invasion force if the commoners weren't allowed to own all those guns!", and- hey, isn't that like victim-blaming?  I thought the left were all sensitive about that?

First, why the hell to they need a  month to turn over a list?  Second, I'll believe it when they do.  But it is a good step:
A federal judge Wednesday ordered the Department of Justice to turn over the Fast and Furious documents President Barack Obama has been protecting with executive privilege.
That word should actually be HIDING, but still.

And this sums up the idiots Holder and Obama very well:
The U.S. Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into the brutal execution of American photo journalist James Foley, Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday morning, according to Fox News.
Yeah, because they want the bastards captured so they can be read Miranda rights and put on trial.  Because THAT'S important.


Glen Filthie said...

I think you libertarians are in between a rock and a hard place in Ferguson, Firehand.
The shooting that triggered the chimp-out in Ferguson is looking more and more righteous all the time...and the racists in this appear to be mostly black.

I think the issue here isn't guns, freedom or liberty even...I see it like this: Does America want to go to war with itself? Again?

In the first civil war the blacks had a moral stance. I am not seeing that in Ferguson and if the libertarians are going to fight on that hill I would much prefer that they die on it the way the blacks are if they want to get stupid about it. There is no rule of law there, the citizens are not the victims and it falls to either the police or the military to clean it up and restore order.

Firehand said...

Personally, I use Clayton Cramer's definition: I'm a conservative with strong libertarian leanings(stronger in some things than others).

I've learned to NEVER trust the early media reports, so finding out the 'victim' was a thug who probably started the whole thing isn't a surprise.

My big problem on the response in Ferguson is the "Let's put on our Tactical Tommy stuff and act like we're in enemy territory" bullshit. Unfortunately, we've get a lot of people who just freaking looooove to be a victim; it gives them an excuse for all kinds of things. Add in the dirtbags who came in from outside to loot under cover of the demonstrations(wonder how much of the 'demonstration gone violent' is because they pushed it that way?), and the RWPP clowns like Sharpton, and almost anything can be turned into a 'racial incident'.

Glen Filthie said...

But they ARE in enemy territory Firehand.

There is a Youtube going round that is popular with the libertarian set. A Youtuber and his buddies are on the scene tormenting one of the cops with a rifle. They are crowding him, they are not backing off when he orders them to, and they are literally scaring the shit out of him. All he needs is to see a weapon...or THINK he sees a weapon...and you have another chimp out triggered by a righteous shooting. You can't send a cop into a chit show like that with just a .38 and a squad car.
Not saying your wrong...but I don't think the cops are either.