Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wondering how much military stuff your local agencies have received?

Miguel found a searchable database on the subject.  I checked Oklahoma County, and found, among all the other stuff, the following:
8     .45-caliber pistols
204 5.56-caliber rifles(probably a M16 variant, which means select-fire automatic)
23   7.62-caliber rifles
2     shotguns, and
2    MRAPs(Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected Vehicles)
7    helicopters

Doesn't have it broken down by agency, just county.  And there's no number of partridges in pear trees listed, though they may be holding onto those until closer to the holidays.

Makes you wonder what OCPD and the Sheriff's Office and so forth plan on doing with all of this, doesn't it?


OldTexan said...

Interesting assortment of surplus stuff. I was talking to some friends in law enforcement administration in Dallas a few years ago about this sort of stuff and received some interesting, to me, info.

First thing was concern for military surplus helicopters because of maintainance both history and parts because these require a lot of tender loving care and some have been rode hard and put away wet in harsh environments under difficult conditions. My friend was not anxious to ride in one of these and his department did not have the budget to maintain them the way they should.

As for weapons, he told me that they had received some early issue M-16 that would be true military collector pieces representing early issue rifles from the 1960's when he was in the service. He also said that these guns had the same problems as the early issue stuff and needed a lot of overhaul which of course would ruin the collector value, new barrels, etc. He also said the training for using full auto was not in their budgets if they wanted to issue the large number they had received.

Sounds like a white elephant type of deal and then today if you start driving all that heavy vehicle stuff out you might just help the media create another Ferguson response.

I do want our cops to be safe and have proper training and equipment but we don't have to go to war with our own people.

My little hick town I grew up in had about 5,000 people and two police cars. One belonged to the chief of police and the other was used for patrol for the 3 or 4 guys on the police force. Today the population is 3,000, most of them over 65 years old and they have six police cars and about a dozen cops. They might be one of the larger employers in town and I have no idea what they do but I am sure they know how to apply for federal grants and equipment.

Sigivald said...


Mostly storing it in an arsenal, and using the carbines for patrols.

I can't get real worked up about a PD and Sheriff's Office getting surplus'd, half-worn-out M16s with a three-round burst option.

I mean, sure, it'd be nice if they had to play by Ordinary Mortal NFA rules, but ...

Evyl Robot Michael said...

That stuff is mostly just for the Independence Day Parade in Edmond.