Thursday, August 21, 2014

For the first time,

I actually got some decent pictures of the visitor
                                                    Why yes, I will have a taste
followed by
                                                  And what are YOU looking at?

I've seen two, but either it's a very dysfunctional relationship, or one's a poacher; every time it shows up, it maybe manages one drink before the other chases it away.


Jennifer said...

Very nice! It is so difficult to get good pictures of them, and they are so pretty

Firehand said...

The resident hasn't seemed very bothered by me, so this time I managed to get in a chair, with a good angle, with the camera on a tripod(and zoomed in) so I could just bump the shutter switch occasionally to keep it powered on; when he showed to feed, all I had to do was start clicking.

And once the next three days or so allows time, I'll do it again.

TheSev said...

Oh they'll fight over a feeder just like any animals will.

And one experience I had, one hovered a foot in front of my face and complained because I put sugar water in the feeder (didn't have the usual stuff).

When I replaced it with the right stuff, hovered again but this time made a chortling sound like it was thanking me.

They are something.