Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Judge Robert Nalley of the People's Republic of Maryland; Link fixed

a real credit to the bench, isn't he?

And, of course, both the black robes and the sheriff's office don't want to talk about it.  Let alone answer questions.
Angelita Plemmer Williams, a spokeswoman for the Maryland judiciary, sent an e-mail responding to the questions. Williams cited a rule in the Maryland Code of Judicial Conduct, which she said prohibits judges “from making statements on pending or impending cases, which includes the judicial deliberative process. However, our system of justice does provide avenues for appeal to ensure access to justice for every individual.”
In response to questions about what role Maryland judges play in making decisions about security, Williams replied that the Maryland judiciary does not have security protocols.
Security in Maryland courtrooms is typically handled by  the Sheriff’s Department in the county where each courthouse is located.
While it is clear a Charles County Sheriff’s Department officer administered an electrical shock to King on Nalley’s order, many questions about the department’s role in the incident remain unanswered.
On July 29, the Baltimore Post-Examiner emailed a list of questions about the incident to Diane Richardson, spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department. Richardson said the department was investigating the incident and would respond when it knew more about the event.
Sheriff’s officials would seek to interview witnesses to the incident as part of their investigation, Richardson said. As of Aug. 18, no Sheriff’s Department officials had contacted them, Alexander and Doris King said.
And unless a judge who actually gives a rats ass about the law orders them to, they won't.


skidmark said...

Link seems to have some fatal flaw.

Please fix, as I want to read about this.

stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Absolute fecking travesty.

Anyone who's had one of those devices on them in court needs an immediate full pardon regardless of what they were accused of.

and the judge needs immediate dismissal and disqualification from any future legal work.

The attached link indicates the effect on the thinking abilities of students of a simple paper exercise of finding a route through a maze for a cartoon mouse, half of the pieces of paper showed a piece of cheese at the end of the maze, half a drawing of an owl above the maze

Not only has the guy been effectively beaten up at the beginning of the trial, but he has the threat of further shocks at the judges whim, hanging over him.

fecking travesty.


Firehand said...

Done. No idea what happened to it