Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Moms Demands some Action at it again

Want to make people think accidental shootings of kids is a far worse problem?  Easy:
And in a fairly disgusting way.
New research from a gun control group backed by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg finds the federal government is underestimating the number of children killed in unintentional firearm deaths.
Sounds terrible, doesn't it?  And why would the cops do such a thing?

Well, they don't:
The report finds that local and state coroners and medical examiners tend to err toward classifying deaths as intentional homicides when intent is unclear, thus underreporting unintended shootings.

“Our analysis confirms that the official data significantly undercount the scale of the phenomenon,” according to the report, entitled “Innocents Lost.”
As Miguel says
Wait..what? These are the same idiots that have been screaming about how awful is that accidental shootings are called that instead of having Law Enforcement/ District Attorney press charges, but when they are tagged as intentional homicides they complain too? 
Whatever makes things look worse, so they can dance in the blood and shriek.

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