Thursday, July 03, 2014

I am going to attempt to make some noise today

Therefore, just some tab clearing for now.
Smugglers threatening landowners.  While the BP is off playing babysitter.

That drilling and refinery building Obama & Co. whined wouldn't pay off for ten years?  Don't you wish it'd been approved ten years ago?

Finally, some people pointing out that First Lady isn't an elected position.  And has no legal authority to push this crap.

Yes, Chris Christie wants his fat ass in the Oval Office chair, so he's started pretending he gives a rats ass about the 2nd Amendment.  If you believe that, you're a fool.

Want to talk about being on a list?  These people are; how dare they block The Lightbringers' plans!

"You want people who work at your business to speak English?  Why, that's discrimination!"

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