Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Why I despise so many of the enviroweenies:

they don't give a rats ass about human lives.  Unless they can use them for photo ops.

Like the bastards telling people in Africa and South America they're not allowed to build a power plant or dam because "If you get plenty of electricity, it will ruin the village!  You won't be living the way we want you to anymore!"


Toastrider said...

Well, yes.

I remember the bitchfest over ANWR drilling, where even the native Inuits were coming out in favor of drilling and yet the mouth-breathing green-nazis were shrieking about how DRILLING WOULD KILL THE CARIBOU.

It's never about the person living there. It's only about THEM.

Anonymous said...

What the enviroweenies forget is that technology makes things better, safer, cheaper, and more convenient.

They never think about how many houses burned down when candlelight was state of the art. Whale oil lamps were better - brighter, safer, with no exposed flame, but refueling was a hassle, and spills or accidents could turn ordinary lamps into molotov cocktails.

Electricity was safer than kerosene, even before we had Underwriters Labs and the National Electrical Code. Nowadays, and now, after a century of working out all the bugs, there is no comparison.

The idiots who say they want to return to nature would probably give up on nature after a week if they had to live in it - the bugs, no air conditioning, and no comedy channel. Please, only a barbarian would want to live like that!