Monday, June 30, 2014

I'd bet you had two groups of people at WHO causing this

It took until 2010 for the W.H.O. to accept the idea of fighting cholera with vaccines, “but now that seems mostly from the school of the overwhelmingly obvious,” said Rebecca F. Grais, Epicentre’s epidemiology director and an author of the study.
Group One: "WE did not come up with this, therefore it is no good."
Group Two: "We can't make any money or grab any extra authority with this, so get rid of it."

Some opinions on that PROM SWAT "We're a private corporation, so we don't have to tell you anything" bullshit.  Including something a lot of people have thought of:
I believe the bigger issue is that if they claim themselves to be "private corporations" then they should have zero access to surplus weapons of war. If they want their tanks, they have to pay full price like everybody else. It's cool, they're a corporation, so you know they can afford it.
While we're at it, we should probably get rid of their public funding. Nobody likes a Wellfare Queen.
Not to mention liscenses for all of those personally owned automatic weapons. Also demolitions licenses for all of those personally owned explosives.
Also, as private corporations if they show up at my doorstep with ill intent I can safely stand my ground.
edit: I wasn't going keyboard commando. A real police SWAT team arrives, I will get down and be detained. But a private SWAT? One that is not a public police agency? Well that is exactly the time to break out the BAR, just like I would for any other home invader.
That is what this Mass. SWAT team is arguing, they are a private corporation, not a public agency. They want to have their cake (able to use being a public agency to come fuck my shit up) and eat it too (by being a private corporation, free from public scrutiny).

Oh my, wonder how this might affect things?
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, criticized for manipulating temperature records to create a warming trend, has now been caught warming the past and cooling the present.

Even from Bloomberg, this is one of the more idiotic things I've read in a while.  They throw out every straw-man and extremist thing they can about libertarians- and flat lie about Cruz and others- and then claim "It's not strawmen, those libertarians really ARE insane!" 

They also come up with the standard 'Somalia is libertarian paradise!"  and the other crap along those lines.    And I'm borrowing this from Insty:
"When the came for the libertarians, I mocked them. Because they are idiots, and the libertarians are well-armed."

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