Tuesday, August 06, 2013

TSA: now violating their oath to the Constitution in many locations

other than airports.

So TSA says the 4th Amendment doesn't apply to them because T.S.A. officials respond that the random searches are “special needs” or “administrative searches” that are exempt from probable cause because they further the government’s need to prevent terrorist attacks.
Guess that oath to uphold the Constitution doesn't mean squat to these clowns, does it?  "The Constitution would keep us from doing this, so this is our excuse for pissing on it."

Some T.S.A. officials told auditors that they had concerns that deploying VIPR teams to train stations or other events was not always based on credible intelligence.

The auditors also said that VIPR teams might not have “the skills and information to perform successfully in the mass transit environment
So they're just randomly harassing people to get us used to it. And sending untrained people out on bogus or nonexistent information to do it.

Let's not forget that the Chief Clown in charge of these molesters has said that in his opinion 'flying is a privilege'; and you give up rights to exercise privileges.

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