Friday, February 01, 2013

I was informed last night, by someone who thinks registering guns 'just like cars'

is a sensible idea, that information from a 'mostly right-wing site' like PJ Media cannot be trusted, but stuff from Mother Jones is without flaw.
Yeah, that took some wrapping-of-the-mind around.
Also, she devoutly believes that line that 'the militia was formed to keep Indians and slaves in line', no other purpose.

Oh, and the Clinton AWB cut crime, magazine size needs to be limited, etc.

Ever used the Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black?  Color you get depends on the alloy you use it on, but it's like a lot of cold blue: treat the metal, rinse and dry, then oil and let it sit overnight; it ages well.

Couple of things on 'can gun control reduce violence?'
from War on Guns
from this article, link found at DoOT(I think; I scanned a lot of stuff the past hour)

On my best days I can approach this level of use of the language, but it's rare:
Dear New York City: If only there were some way I could possibly convey to you how little of a ____ I gave about your dead ex-mayor, I would, but I'm afraid that my amount of concern strays dangerously close to the Planck length, and is therefore so tiny that it's hard to convey to physicists, let alone drama or business majors.

Kevin takes on a Constitutional law specialist who appears to be very special.
And teaching, Deity help us.

Speaking of Mother Jones:
So did Hitler and the Nazis really take away Germans' guns, making the Holocaust unavoidable? This argument is superficially true at best...

Um, yeah, another way to put it is: “yes.”


Gtajmack said...

I hav found that arguing with liberrals is akin to slamming your dick in a door. It's pointless ,and it hurts.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

Whenever someone says "treat guns like cars, register them" send them to this link

And tell them they are a damned liar.

Firehand said...

Oddly, that link immediately jumped to mind, and I added it in.

Thought about throwing in my own 'damned liar', but let 'Dog do it for me; has a better way with words, he does.

Anonymous said...

Funny the same people who demand background checks oppose voter IDs.

Wonder why they're so concerned about guns but not criminals?