Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another "I'm a gun owner, BUT-" Updated

from, this time, a confessed 'liberal'.  One of the responses:
Gee, wouldn’t it be nice if the world had exactly zero guns in it?  Then your daughter could fistfight her rapist.

What?  Federal agents may have lied and connived and set people up?  Who would have imagined such a[cough-Fast and Furious-hack] thing?

Ah, the Senate: special privileges for hoplophobes, gun bigots and Democrats.

Update: just found this at Uncle's place.  Assuming you're willing to wade through a "I WAS a gun owner, BUT-" that's so loaded with bullshit it could be sold by the bag, go take a look.  I'm going to use one of the prize pieces of crap here:
I had my shotgun at the ready that spring night because there had been three break-in attempts on our house in as many months, the last in the early afternoon while my girlfriend was home. I don’t think they realized she was there — the car wasn’t in the driveway — and when they tried to kick down the door, already damaged by someone with a crowbar a couple weeks prior, she called the cops, then me.

I got there before they did and found her hiding in the bathtub, the front door in splinters around the hinges and a couple of shotgun shells lying on the porch. Presumably, whoever tried to break in had dropped the ammo while attempting to get inside.
I called my landlords to give notice and took my gun out of its case, removed the trigger lock and put it in that closet. The feeling of safety this gesture gave me was quite real.
So he put it in the closet.  Which one?
We’d already had a series of scary close calls, but this time I was ready: I had staged my shotgun and a box of shells in a broom closet right by the back door, next to the umbrellas.

While my girlfriend called the police, I ran into the kitchen and looked out the window just in time to see-"
Kind of amazing, really. If you were worried about people kicking in the door, would you put your scattergun IN THE CLOSET NEXT TO THAT DOOR?
As Unc says, Man the fuck up, Nancy. And keep your gun loaded to avoid those problems.  And, I would add, don't leave it where you did.
Added: aside from the 'couple of shotgun shells on the porch' which interests me, there's the time factor: she called the cops, then him, and he beat the cops there?  But now he's decided that having a gun is dangerous?  Damn.

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Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

ya know, I've been wondering where the liberal/left/dem gun owners were during the past few weeks while their political leaders trash the 2A....and we found one of them....a gun owner in the closet who supports Obama's anti gun plans.