Thursday, January 31, 2013

Remember, this is the THIRD TIME they've caught NBC/MSNBC

screwing with video to show people what they WANT them to see, not what actually  happened.
And Martin Bashir is just big a dirtbag as Piers Morgan.
More of the professional media we're supposed to trust.

Medea Benjamin: "Free speech is very nice, as long as you say what we want said."
Take a look at the rest, because this is what the left/socialists/communists mean by 'responsible speech': You shut up, and we get to say what we want.

Some good stuff to show people who buy the Evil Assault Rifle crap.
Also that Joe Biden is a friggin moron, but if you don't know that by now...

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Marja said...

Fun news in Finland: two men in forest, hunting, armed with a shotgun + plus two dogs, a Russian hound and Swedish elkhound. The dogs go after something and the men follow, find their dogs barking at a bear den, the bear comes out and attacks that one of the men who happens to be unarmed, the other guy shoots it and manages to kill it. Now they are under police investigation, for a hunting crime. In the comments section of the story most people seem to suspect they had actually been bear hunting (with one shotgun?), for one thing because their dogs were not the typical breeds used when hunting hares which they said they were doing. Or they want to crucify the men because they went and woke up the poor bear who was only defending itself. Or something similar.

And I think I may have gotten a bruise on my forehead from hitting it on the table. Okay, the bear hasn't been examined yet, so I suppose there is the possibility they will find it was killed with something else, but would the guys really be dumb enough to claim it was killed with a shotgun if they had been armed with a hunting rifle (and then hid the rifle before going to the police or something...)? The attacked man was bitten on the head and leg but not deeply so he should recover well.

Oh well, a few years ago there was a similar situation, man with a shotgun was attacked, killed the bear, in the investigation they determined that the distance between the bear and the man had been about one meter (about 3 feet) when it was hit and ruled it as legal self-protection, but there were still quite a lot of whining on some discussion forums about the horrible hunter and poor bear.

No use to hope for Karma. We don't have quite enough bears here, and most of the people who defend their rights never enter the forests.