Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So, Paul Shepard, are you just too lazy to check dates,

or too corrupt to care?

Journal News publisher Janet Hasson has an armed guard on her front door; she just doesn't like peasants having their own guns.

About damn time someone in Congress said 'impeachment'.

Ah, the wonders of the new refrigerant: expensive as hell and can kill you with fire.
Enter Daimler AG. The automaker created a head-on collision test with a B-Class at their Sindelfingen test track that would lead to the pressurized refrigerant being sprayed on the engine. The result in 20 out of 20 test[s] was that the refrigerant burst into flames as soon as it hit the hot engine... Another unexpected result of the R-1234yf test was the release of hydrogen flouride, a chemical far more deadly to humans than hydrogen cyanide, emitted in such amounts that it that turned the windshield white as it began to eat into the glass.
I'm reminded of the Greenpeace-endorsed refrigerator; used butane or some other flammable gas as the refrigerant.  Wouldn't freeze anything, wouldn't chill all that well either, and if the system leaked could blow your house up.

OGAM has a list of the businesses that met with Biden and his 'Let's ban guns but not say it outright' committee, and contact information:
Just like it has been suggested that we call Walmart and express our concerns lest they think it is in their best interest to screw gun owners, I'd suggest we call the rest of the retailers on this list. If Schumer can contact these companies, then there is no reason that we as consumers shouldn't as well. I have assembled contact information for all of these companies as well as other relevant information.

When you call be respectful and polite but be firm in your stance. You don't need to argue but merely state your case. Make sure the company knows that you'll refuse to do business with them in the future if they cave to pressure from the Obama Administration on guns. This is different than a corporate decision decides to stop selling a product due to the profit margins.

Academy Sports and Outdoors

Customer Service: 888-922-2336
Corporate Offices: 281-646-5200
Kevin Chapman is Sr. VP for Store Operations 

Academy's headquarters is located in Katy, TX. They were bought by buyout firm Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts in 2011. Academy has 131 stores in 11 states. They hold 145 FFLs.

Bass Pro Shops

Customer Service: 800-227-7776
Corporate Offices: 417-873-5000

Johnny Morris is the founder of Bass Pro Shops which is headquartered in Springfield, MO. I suggest contacting Larry Whiteley, Manager of Communications at 417-873-5022. His email is He heads their public relations staff. Bass Pro Shops holds 53 FFLs.

Big 5 Sporting Goods

Customer Service: 800-898-2994
Corporate Offices: 310-536-0611

Big 5 is headquartered in El Segundo, California. Steven Miller is the CEO. Shane Starr is Sr. VP for Operations. Big 5 is a publicly traded company (BGFV) which trades on the NASDAQ Exchange. They have 413 stores in 12 western states. They hold 389 FFLs.


Customer Service: 800-237-4444
Corporate Offices: 308-254-5505

Cabelas is headquartered in Sidney, Nebraska. They have 40 destination stores in 23 states and 3 Canadian provinces. Thomas Millner, former CEO of Remington and the Freedom Group, has been CEO of Cabelas since 2009. Scott William is the Ex. VP and Chief Marketing Officer. Joe Arterburn is Corporate Communications Manager (308-255-1204) Cabelas is a publicly traded company (CAB) and trades on the NY Stock Exchange. They hold 31 FFLs.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Customer Service: 877-846-9997
Corporate Office: 724-273-3400

Dick's Sporting Goods is headquartered in Corapolis, PA. They are publicly traded on the NY Stock Exchange under the symbol DKS. Edward Stack is the CEO and Lauren Hobart is the Chief Marketing Officer and Sr. VP. Dicks has 511 stores in 44 states. They hold 470 FFLs.

On December 18th, Dick's caved to the perceived pressure after the Newtown shootings and "suspended" sales of all AR-15s in their stores. They also cancelled the pre-orders for the special AR-15 made just for them by Troy Defense. I would suggest calling the corporate offices and letting them know what you think of their corporate cowardice.

Dunham's Sports

Corporate Offices: 248-674-4975
Email Link

Dunham's is a sporting goods chain that is primarily in the Mid-West. They are headquartered in Waterford, Michigan and have 180 FFLs.

Gander Mountain

Customer Service: 888-542-6337
Corporate Offices: 651-325-4300

Gander Mountain is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota and has their customer service operation in Greenville, North Carolina. They have 113 stores in 23 states. They also own Overton's, Gander Mountain Acadmey, and 3 Forks Ranch. David Pratt is Chairman of the Board and Interim CEO while Steven Uline is the Ex. VP for Marketing. They hold 114 FFLs.

Sportsman's Warehouse

Customer Service: 800-286-3076
Corporate Offices: 801-567-1000 

Sportman's Warehouse is headquartered in Midvale, Utah. They operate 32 stores in 17 states. Karen Seaman is their Chief Marketing Officer. She can be reached at 801-566-6681 or by email at They have 32 FFLs. 

Sports Authority 

Customer Service:  800.360.8721
Corporate Offices:  303-200-5050

Sports Authority is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado. It has 465 stores in 45 states. The CEO is Darrell Webb who until recently ran Jo-Ann Stores. Greg Waters is the Ex. VP for Merchandising and supervises store operations. They have 169 FFLs which means only about one-third of their stores carry firearms.

He also has this:


Phelps said...

Hydrogen Fluoride.

Fuck me.

I know you keep the language moderate here, but fucking hell. That's the Hannibal Lector of the chemical world. It's more deadly than cyanide, but don't let that fool you. It's not a toxin, per se. It's a reactive that turns into acid on contact with moisture and dissolves anything around. If you breathe it in, it dissolves your lungs from the inside out. And I'm not talking theoretical here, I'm talking full on Hollywood style "I'm melting, I'm melting!" Except you can't scream because your lungs have already melted.

The good news is you won't see it, because it will have already melted your corneas. And it's colorless.

You know the acid that Walt uses on Breaking Bad to "disincorporate" bodies? Hydrofluoric acid, the same chemical hydrogen fluoride forms when it contacts moisture.

Firehand said...

I mentioned this to a friend who has a chemistry background; his language was pretty close to yours. With reason.

I'd heard of the stuff before, always in the context of "Things that will kill you in a most unpleasant manner."

Country Boy said...

It's interesting that people are just now finding out about the dangers of 134a. A company created a new refrigerant to replace R-12 years ago, but couldn't get it approved even though the EPA regulations required its approval. It, too, is flammable, but tests show it's safe if vented on a hot manifold. When I replaced the R-12 in my pickup with the new product many of my friends were horrified. I had a quart of flammable refrigerant in my truck! It didn't seem to bother them that my dual fuel truck had 18 gallons of gasoline in a tank IN THE CAB behind the seat, or that there was a 40 gallon propane tank in the bed. Now, instead of something safe and affordable, they're trying to foist more poison on us. R-12 caused no health problems, R-134a has been reported to cause testicular tumors, and now the new one is flat out poison. I wonder who owns the patent on the new one?

For more info on a safe alternative (I don't have a dog in this hunt, other than trying to keep a couple of old trucks running and cool in the summer)