Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On the subject of Piers Morgan,

Do you know what will never occur? Piers Morgan inviting a Holocaust survivor onto his show and lecturing him or her about the “absurdity” of stating that governments sometimes go tyrannical and confiscate weapons from civilians, and that Very Bad Things happen after that.


Windy Wilson said...

Well, Piers Plowboy has been college edumacated. He knows that "It can't happen here."
He knows that Germany and the Soviet Union and China and Turkey and India/Pakistan, Vietnam, Korea, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Argentina, Chile, and Western Europe thanks to Germany and Rwanda and Liberia and . . . are all unique to history and "sui generis", so it can't happen here, no matter how much power gets concentrated in a strong central government.

And if you insist there's a risk, he'll call you stupid and ignorant, and evil for calling him out on his duplicious evasions.

Luton Ian said...

For every human face with a jack boot stomping on it,

There's a clown pointing out that it enjoys free education and state provided health care

(Where did I read that? I think it might have been here)

Morgan appears to be just such an advocate of statist violence