Thursday, January 17, 2013

So, another example of the major media either lying to us,

or not bothering to see if any of the crap they're saying is true.  AND the crap from the LE people involved, AND Obama posing with children and whining about 'assault rifles' and such.

Speaking of idiot/bigoted/crooked journalists, Piers Morgan gets really upset when he can't force someone to say what he wants them to.

If you want a fine example of idiot, gun-bigot, control-freak politicians in such a hurry to pass a bill(so no commoner has time to read it and say anything to their elected reps) that they don't bother to make sure what the hell they're voting on,
As reported by ABC-TV in New York, Cuomo's NY SAFE Act bans all magazines that hold more than seven bullets and pre-1994 high capacity magazines, and prohibits the carrying of guns on school grounds. Except they forgot to add a loophole exempting law enforcement officers.

But because no loophole for law enforcement was included in the law, every police officer in the state is technically in violation of the statute even though the prohibition is unlikely to be enforced, according to New York Assemblyman Al Graf.

Graf — a former New York City police officer and the ranking Republican member of the assembly’s powerful Codes Committee — says that the ban could even impede the efforts of officers to respond to a school shooting.

“The language is unclear, and to go further, a cop cannot go on school property with a gun,” Graf told The Daily Caller. “They weren’t exempted from that, either.”

“There was actually a story that was relayed to me the other day about a New York City police officer who went to a school the other day to pick up his kid, and the security guard told him that if he came to the school with his off-duty gun he would be arrested,” Graf continued.
The prohibition on carrying a gun into a school could even extend to on-duty police officers responding to an emergency such as a shooting.

“I guess they would have to sit there and take their gun belts off before they came in” to the school, Graf said
What kind of idiots would be behind this? The Democrats and other gun bigots, led by Howler Cuomo.

Apparently US Attorney Ortiz is feeling the heat.  As she damn well should.

Another example of the CSGV being dishonest, miserable little dirtbags.


Sigivald said...

On the NYC thing I actually completely approve of the lack of "loopholes".

No "special treatment" for cops.

"The police are the people and the people are the police", as Peel said.

An "off-duty cop" is just a Person, like anyone else (with presumably a little more knowledge of the details of the law), in any reasonable conception.

Firehand said...

Oh, I agree; it just tickled me that these assholes were in such a hurry to ram this through that they screwed it up this badly.

like Insty said, as many legislators as possible should oppose adding a loophole, for just that reason. AND to highlight what a load of crap this is