Monday, January 14, 2013

Why should we not trust the Justice Department(or the

Secret Service, or most any of the feds)?  Let us count some more reasons.

Remember the prosecution of Sen. Stevens?  When the prosecutors flat LIED, and withheld evidence the law says they MUST provide to the defense?  The judge ruled no criminal charges because 'nobody specifically told them not to violate this law'...  If you or I tried that defense, we'd be behind bars, but it works for 'Justice' Department lawyers.

Gregory skates on a charge that the AAG in charge has worked hard to put other people in jail for, because prosecuting Gregory 'wouldn't serve justice'; unmentioned was that AAG Irvin Nathan knows Gregory and his wife(but that has nothing to do with it, oh no!).

The question is not 'why don't you trust the .gov', it's become  'why SHOULD we trust the .gov?'

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