Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Journal News better hope nobody winds up dead

or raped because of their idiocy.  And I hope the current victims sue their ass off.
And, Professor Howard Good, who came out with this crap when people dared subject the Journal News weenies to the same exposure they thought good for gun owners:
'It doesn't move the issue of gun control to the level of intelligent public discussion,' he said. 'Instead, it transforms what should be a rational public debate on a contentious issue into ugly gutter fighting.'
Screw you, professor; clowns like you and the News made this nasty and ugly; deal with it.

Chris Christie:  Obama parading with children to push a bill, wonderful: NRA pointing out what a miserable clown Obama is, horrible.  And he's shown himself open to banning whatever sets off his hot button.  Screw him, and if the GOP pushes him, screw them, too.

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