Thursday, January 17, 2013

If you know any collectors who think what they collect is safe,

point them to this.

Also, a reason why Obama is still fundraising and campaigning.

Guaranteed to scare hell out of the hoplophobes and gun bigots:
First of all, remind Democrats that the Framers didn't write the First Amendment with cable television, Internet communications or even the telegraph in mind. Should we limit the press's freedom of speech to the movable type printing press which was the primary means of mass communication at the time of the Framers? 

More importantly, don't let the nuclear weapon ruse intimidate you. The limits of the Second Amendment is a fair question that deserves an answer. It's simple: Law-abiding, free people should have the right to arm themselves with whatever weapons their government would use against them.
For that matter,

 Related, got sucked into a thread on FB by a comment, and you'd love it: We're all racist(well, one lady said only 99%) because that's the ONLY reason to oppose Obama on, well anything; Obama is only trying to increase and secure our freedoms by wanting to ban assault rifles and mags; 'the Framers didn't foresee the AR15', etc.; on and on, every left-wing/hoplophobe/gun bigot talking point I've ever heard, all in one thread.  Excuse me, except one: nobody called us Nazis.
Oh, did you know we didn't mind Bush signing executive orders, only Obama(because he's black)?  And when Bush said he'd sign the AWB renewal, we thought he was being 'reasonable'?

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The douchbaggery on facebook is epic these