Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gov. Howlin' Cuomo: "These guns and clips are SO dangerous

we can't give people time to read the bill, and we can't let the legislature have time to read it either!"
Yeah, it's hard to be a dictator if you give people time to know what you're shoving through and yell about it; why, some of the legislature might not vote the way you want them to!

I've come to the conclusion that people like Obama and Chu like the idea of making it harder on the poor, making their lives worse; it allows O and C to 'rescue' them through .gov programs(which the poor are also taxed to pay for, but they won't talk about that).

Sen. Joe Manchin of WV has sold out the voters; the questions now are
Just how much did his 'integrity' cost?
What can voters do to make his life as miserable as possible?
Update: so, did this come before or after the above?  I think after, and I get the feeling Manchin has been getting some really hard questions.  And statements.  And questions about his ancestry.

Let's not forget, politicians like Gov. Howler and Sen. Schumer LOVE having factories like Remington around, so much so that they provide subsidies.  They want to have the companies providing jobs and paying taxes, AND want to insult them and try to put them out of business(except they'll probably have some kind of exception to prevent them going all the way out of business, because they loves them some taxes).

Josette shows no mercy to a gun bigot/hoplophobe; job well done.

Social Security: if people like me didn't already know it, we're screwed.

Jeff at Alphecca is having a big problem; if you've got a buck or two to spare, he could use the help.

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