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Sarah Hoyt has a piece about the current mess

 well worth reading.  Which started me thinking(shut up).  This is kind of roundabout, so if you decide to read be ready to wind around the trees a bit.

And that brings us to where we are.  The war with Islam is just the front in the current European Expansion.  Europe is, of course, expanding its form of government, its mental furniture, to the lands of Islam, and Islam resents it.  They are the ultimate tribalist society.
Then there’s us.  We are the other front in that war.
 And yeah, there are lots of 'elites' who think we should join hands with the EUnuchs and bow to the UN as the world government; the rest of us just aren't smart enough to see that that's the way of the future: one world government that'll take all earnings(not just 'wealth', remember, all earnings) and distribute them as the elites and their pet bureaucrats(who actually run most of it) see fit.

(formerly Great)Britain is mostly down the drain; join a political party that's not PC-enough to suit the socialists?  Demand that the police enforce the law equally on everyone?  Say you have a right to defend yourself, family and home without being made a criminal?  Go to jail, lose kids, lose jobs, be called all kinds of names for not bowing down to the tin idol.  And the socialists and communists eating at us here want the same thing; they don't just argue points, they demonize, they threaten, they want to destroy the life of anyone who opposes them.

They'll accuse us of the same, because they really don't understand or flat hate what we really want: leave us alone.
Get your hand out of my pocket.
Stop claiming I owe you; earn your own.
Stop ordering me to pay for socialized crap I despise(You can't buy your own birth-control pills?  Really?  You can't tell your current male to buy some condoms?  What the hell do you mean, I OWE it to you to pay for your abortion because you were too lazy or stupid to do either of the above?)
Stop teaching my kids that this country is responsible for all evil in the world.
Stop using schools as indoctrination centers instead of schools.
And so on.
They never will, of course, because this is all they've got: hate and accusation and threats, "If you don't do what I want/think what I want/say what I want it means you hate ( )!"
And they really, really want the power to imprison and 're-educate' and kill anyone who doesn't bow down.

I threw that last at someone I used to know a while back, and they accused me of lying and exaggeration.  She really didn't like it being presented bluntly that every law she wants to shove down our throats carries the threat "Do what you're told, or it's jail or a grave."; can't speak too bluntly and honestly, y'know, it'll scare the masses into paying attention.  But that is what they want.
See Cuomo in NY and Feinstein in Sodom on the Potomac talking about 'forced buybacks' as an example: "You will let us give you some money for what you own, and if you don't we will imprison or kill you." for example.

Hoyt mentions that one thing that kept Rome going so long was the inclusiveness: become a Roman citizen, and that's it: you are Roman, with all rights and privileges(yes, I know, but that's the baseline).  A freedman, a former slave, had just about all the legal rights of a freeborn Roman except running for office; that freedman's children COULD run for office, many did.  One of the problems with the European Union ideal is that they want to get rid of all national identity, any identity except European("You are now New Romans!"), and except for the bureaucrats and high-level 'elites', it doesn't work.  They're having real problems(always have) with trying to force that uniformity on everyone, for various reasons.  And that's not including one of the nastier messes still growing, that you can be arrested for 'hate speech' if you talk about: muslim immigrants.

Germany, for instance, brought in lots of Turks as 'guest workers'; it was generally understood that they were to do the low-level labor that lots of Germans didn't want to do, and that's it.  No matter how long they stayed, they'd never actually become Germans, even if they wanted.  Happened all over Europe, especially as birth rates dropped; hey, if there are not enough kids, let alone kids willing to start at the bottom and work up, you need someone to take their place.  Especially when you've got a social model that depends on those kids, and you're not having them; it doesn't fix the problem, but it covers it up for a while.  While the pressure builds and you work hard to ignore it.

Here?  My kids, if you count everything, are parts Scots-Irish, Cherokee, English, Kiowa-Apache and German(and if something a grandmother once mentioned is true, a bit of Swede in there somewhere); here that makes them full-blood American.  Yes, you've got racists and bigots, we're humans and those will always be around; La Raza is just as nasty and racist as the KKK, just from the other direction.  People like Rev. Wright and Jesse Jackson and Sharpton and the New Black Panthers, the KKK has nothing on them in hating anyone with the wrong skin color.  Idiots who don't see a problem with harassing other black kids who're actually trying to learn in school for 'acting white'; oh yeah, we've got them.  But everyone else doesn't give a damn.  "Can you do the job?  Can you do it properly and well?  Can I trust you?  Yes?  Then I don't give a crap about your skin color or church, I've got real things to worry about."*

But Europe has millions of people who were, for the most part, flatly told "You're not here to become 'X', you're here to do work we don't want to dirty our hands with."  Add to that those who either never wanted or no longer want to integrate, and you've got the situation in France: if the 'disaffected north-African youths' only steal and burn, oh, 50 cars in a weekend, it's not really considered news anymore, and let's not talk about it because it doesn't fit our 'one big happy country' picture.  Big areas of cities where women without the right skin color and dress don't dare go because they'll be kidnapped and gang-raped; places the police only go in heavily-armed units, and only go when they're forced to act.  And lots and lots of politicians and PC-at-any-cost fools who refuse to allow notice to be taken.  Here's a video not long ago from the Netherlands of a guy who protested the swearing-in of a couple of newly-elected councilmen:

 the two were muslim and had flatly stated they wanted to see sharia as the law.  The man protested that that violated the oath they were taking to uphold Dutch law, and he was insulted and chased out.  No problem with the new counselors who openly want the democratic government destroyed, oh no, but don't you DARE talk openly about it.

But deriding America?  Oh, that's fine!  We openly, legally own guns and refuse to give them up, we don't like communism and socialism, we make jokes about the EU, we fight the socialists who want to control our lives: WE'RE the enemy they want to talk about, to insult.

And that brings us to where we are.  The war with Islam is just the front in the current European Expansion.  Europe is, of course, expanding its form of government, its mental furniture, to the lands of Islam, and Islam resents it.  They are the ultimate tribalist society.
Then there’s us.  We are the other front in that war.
 And they hate and fear us worse.  More than slightly stupid; we may be a threat to their desired hegemony, but we don't want to kill them, and the muslims do.
I think two reasons:
One, they actually think all they've got to do is keep pushing their communism-with-a-smiley-face model on the muslim world, and it'll finally join in("No, all that 'kill the unbelievers' stuff is just window-dressing, they don't actually believe that!")
Second, they do see us as a real threat, because so many of us say "No.  Not joining.  You want to be trading partners, fine, but try to force your government on us and we'll kick your ass."  THAT they fear**.  Because if there's anyplace with high visibility that won't join in, it threatens the whole plan.

 Sooner or later, things are probably going to explode over there.  The islamists are going to openly form enclaves of sharia law and raid out from them.  There will be slaves taken, and beheadings, and the whole works(yes, I really do think it could happen).  Considering the status of slavery in the world, especially in some arab/muslim countries, it wouldn't surprise me if video comes out of an open slave auction with non-muslims being sold.  And if the governments don't act to stop it, it will break into open civil war(you want a real headache, try to figure out how the governments will try to make everybody happy and mostly blame the non-muslims; and imagine how that'll make it worse).

And what'll make it even more fun is a bunch of our politicians and the socialists will want to 'intervene to prevent harm'.  They'll want to send troops(who they hate, and have starved of equipment and supplies and training) into the middle of the mess.  Where both sides will shoot at them, and somehow it'll all be our fault that the mess happened in the first place.
Because both groups of idiots will still fear and hate us at least as much, probably more, than the ones actually trying to kill them.

*There's a quote from someone,  Why would I hate you for the color of your skin, when there are GOOD reasons to hate you?

**Which is really, truly stupid.  They fear us being unwilling to join in their Union more than they fear people who flatly state "We will see you Submit to our beliefs, or we will see you dead".

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