Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I love happy endings

Found a dog outside this morning.  Some kind of husky/shepherd mix, looked like, curled up in a corner by the fence.  No tag.  Cold, shivering, and badly wanted in the yard with my dogs.

Some food & water helped.  Called animal control and got on the schedule to get him picked up(budget cuts, etc.)  Then had the bright idea of posting a pic on Facebook, and a friend pointed me to a site there, OKC Pups: lost & found dogs and such.  Put up a picture there, wasn't five minutes till someone pointed me to a lost dog post; less than 15 minutes later a frantic guy almost slid his car to a stop in the driveway.  Dog came out and "DADDYYYYY!"

I repeat, I love happy endings


Anonymous said...

My mom lost her dog Christmas day. I has to weigh every bit of 5 pounds, is old and grouchy. We tore my sisters house apart, looked all over the neighborhood, knocked on doors, everything. We gave up as it got dark. My brother in law posted a lost dog ad on Craigslist. Someone from the animal shelter saw the ad and contacted them. Her dog was in jail in Del City. He had gone about 5 blocks away before someone picked him up. Needless to say my mom had a very good Day after Christmas.

Rey Brandt said...

Love a happy ending!

Jennifer said...

Hooray! Glad the pup went home.

auto extreme inc said...

i never thought that happy endings do still exist, maybe just to those who do good deeds. good job!