Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh joy, the celebritutes are mad at each other

One says a new movie is 'disrespectful to his ancestors', the other says 'screw you'.
Apparently if you're not the first, you're not supposed to use racial stuff in a movie.  Or not without his approval.  Or something.
Oh, Lee?  Black Africans weren't 'stolen' from Africa by white slave raiders; they were generally bought from the other black Africans who ran slave raids and happily sold them to whoever gave the highest price.
And I wonder when Lee will start screaming and yelling about the arabs who kept raiding for slaves and- in some places- are STILL keeping blacks as slaves?

Let us not forget, Piers Morgan is not just a bigoted jackass, he's a journalistic faker.

The State Department under Clinton and Obama: punishment actually means 'you're on paid leave for a while'.

Now Feinstein wants to call it a 'forced buyback'; apparently she decided 'confiscation' was getting a bad reaction.

Just a reminder: the staff on the NY Journal News are finding out about that 'sauce for the goose' thing.  Wonder how they like it?

So now Egypt has a sharia-based constitution.  That went well, didn't it?

The sun is out, and it's up to a whole 14 degrees, and the streets still have that mirror-sheen appearance; I'd like to go do a couple of things while I'm free, but not till it warms enough that the streets can melt a little.  They're saying 31 for the high this afternoon; we'll see.

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