Friday, December 28, 2012

Last night they said 'Maybe some flurries this morning';

So far it's flurried more than it snowed in the 'winter storm' the other day
If it keeps flurrying, we might actually get some moisture in the soil.

Further "What do we need borders for?" crap from Obama & Co.  You live near the Mexican border, it's not going to get any better.

On the Feinstein "We want to ban all your guns" bill, write to the congresscritters; and Moe Lane has a list of senators who especially need pressure(for some) and opponents(most), with notes.

Y'know, these politicians are really pushing to find out just what this saying really means

Short version of the NYEffingTimes story: "If these kids stop going straight to college, and instead start working at good-paying jobs(in OIL, yet!), how will we see them properly indoctrinated in progressive values of hating America?"
Not to mention, how will all the fatass college bureaucrats keep their pay levels up if those kids aren't going into debt to pay for classes in "How America Sucks 101"?
And what happens when some do go to college in a few years, with some hard work and life experience in how A: you CAN get ahead by working and B: how people like Professor Loomis hate you and want you dead if you don't believe as he does?
Not to mention students who don't feel like they have to play 'agree with the Professor' and be quiet; isn't THAT a horrible thought?

"Why should we trust the major media?" Part 372.
Doesn't help that they think the laws don't apply to them, either.

 Erin is having some serious family health trouble; if have a minute, might leave her some good thoughts.

Back to the media, how many of the reports they made after Newtown turned out to be bullshit?  And the 'corrections' were bullshit?  But we're supposed to believe what they report, not trust anyone else?
And now this:
As Ben Domenech said in the Transom, which is where I got that link, marketing guy should learn the term "false positives". Hell, every time I go anywhere that sells ammo, I pick up a few boxes. Couple this with that dangerous accumulation of school backpacks for the kids from L.L. Bean, and data guy would have the cops camped out on my doorstep.
But, hey, what's a little invasion of privacy for such a laudable goal. And by little, I mean massive.

 Biden's commission?  Who's going on it?
The White House selected Dixon for the task force because of his position as vice president of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives.
People who want a complete ban on the ownership of guns, of course.  And find definitions very, ah, 'expandable' let us say:
President Obama created the gun violence task force to devise new gun safety proposals by January. Dixon said no concrete measures were adopted at the Dec. 20 meeting in Washington, but the group of a dozen people focused on new laws concerning assault weapons.
"We talked about redefining assault weapons and what assault weapons are," Dixon said. "Who should actually be allowed to have assault weapons? Should it be an everyday thing? Or should it be a process you have to go through to get an assault weapon?"
I'll bet they'll define AWs to be anything they don't like. 
Any takers?


Windy Wilson said...

As Waco said to Jimmy in "Sahara" (the good one, made in 1943), "That's a sucker bet."

Bear said...

"Hobbes Jayne"... I think my neural "cortex" just blew a fuse.

Cool. Is that cartoon your work? I'd like to credit it if/when I share that.