Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's not a happy ending, but the sauce is getting a bit spicy

for the gander:
Let's see, editor, publisher, visual editor, publisher, CEO, other staff members; pretty good list there, addresses and all.

Attention David Gregory and Howard Kurtz:
Welcome to the world of gun owners, where you can be charged with a crime and jailed for having a metal box with a spring inside that's longer than the local authorities approve of.

How do you like it?  (Not much, from all the whining)

Oh, that petition on deporting Morgan?  A way for people to say they're tired of a whining, arrogant, corrupt journalist whining at, insulting and generally acting like a jerk toward anyone who won't agree with him; another use of the 1st Amendment.

Deal with it.

Speaking of wankers thrown out of their own country who come here to bitch and whine, I have news for you, Mr. Morgan: a sacred text of a religion is not up for 'amending' because you decide 'times have changed'.
Tell you what, why don't you demonstrate your commitment to change by having some imam on the show and telling him the Koran needs to be amended to no longer call for the deaths of Jews, and homosexuals, and unbelievers in general(which you won't do, because it would require both balls and some integrity)?

Speaking of the obnoxious little shit,

Another view on the "We must not waste this crisis!"-mongers:
Demonizing those who support gun freedom was always intended as a weapon to silence them. It was also critical that we, law-abiding gun owners, become the Other. By dehumanizing us and painting us as evil, it is that much easier to strip us of our rights. 

But gun freedom advocates fought back. Using the mainstream media, conservative media and especially social media – we need to understand its huge significance here – gun freedom advocates countered liberals’ bogus “facts.” Media reports about “automatic” weapons were corrected, clownish statements about “high caliber magazines” and “large capacity round” were mocked. The struggle raged over millions of Facebook posts. The average citizen saw gun banners ask “When will America control access to weapons?” and then saw several experts among his or her friends post about the significant hurdles one needs to get over to get a gun. Truth bypassed the mainstream media and became a weapon for the side of fundamental rights. 

The banners overplayed their hand, losing credibility with every distortion, evasion and smear. The cries of “Blood is on your hands!” failed to resonate – reasonable Americans just did not blame the actions of a single sociopath on millions of their fellow neighbors. And it did not help when third-string celebrities and wizened literary has-beens took to hoping gun rights advocates would be shot for daring to oppose disarmament.

And, from where Great Britain used to be: bad guys using kitchen knives? Why the solution is obvious!
The researchers said there was no reason for long pointed knives to be publicly available at all.
Holmes, Watson, Churchill, and Sir Colin Campbell are quietly weeping.

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Keith said...

There's now an interactive map showing where Journal employees live. It's slow as hell, so likely getting some very heavy traffic.

H/T commenter "Lazarus Long", at Alphecca