Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holder, you're not getting off that easy!

In a statement issued moments ago, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa “praised the inclusion of special provisions in the proposed 113th Congress rules package that will keep in place legal obligations on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and others at the Justice Department as a result of lawful subpoenas issued in the 112th Congress.

“The inclusion of these provisions in the House rules will allow the civil suit, authorized by a bipartisan vote of the House in July 2012, which seeks federal courts to compel the production of relevant subpoenaed documents to continue,” the press release issued by Frederick R. Hill, Committee Director of Communications advised. “Without these provisions, the Justice Department could have argued that its obligation to produce subpoenaed documents expired with the previous Congress.”
 I'll bet Holder and Obama and every other appointee connected to this had hoped it would go away; I hope they get ulcers thinking about this.

And, of course, Rep. Cummings(referred to by the Dutchman as Bloody-Hands) is still trying to protect Holder and the others; after all, no pile of bodies and lies is enough to justify troubling The Lightbringer and his minions, right?

Found a link at the Dutchman's about a group called the 'Center for Biological Diversity' which has decided that banning guns is an essential part of their movement:
The Center for Biological Diversity has long fought the NRA over the senseless killing of endangered wolves, condors, polar bears and bald eagles. After the horrific, gun-charged killings in Newtown — and seeing the NRA’s sickening refusal to take responsibility or support any gun violence reforms at all — I’ve decided that enough is enough! . . .

We just ran a full-page ad in The New York Times calling out the NRA’s extremist political agenda and endorsing not only the elimination of highly toxic lead from bullets (a longtime Center campaign) but also legislation to end gun violence against people.

Please stand with us this holiday season. Donate to our Stop NRA Extremism Fund today so we can continue to run ads and campaigns protecting people and wildlife from gun violence and pollution. Then visit our NRA Hostage website and sign the petitions. Spread the word by sharing the website on Facebook and forwarding this email to your friends.

Some will say gun violence is not an environmental issue. I say, after Newtown, gun violence is an issue for all Americans. After Newtown, breaking the NRA’s stranglehold on our political system is an issue for everyone.
Translation: "Banning private ownership of guns is part of the progressive cause, and we're part of it!"
Yeah, watermelons: green outside, red inside.

Speaking of gun bigots, had a go-round with a guy who announced that
the .223/5.56 and 5.7x28 cartridges should be banned from civilian possession( including banning all reloading dies for them),
ANY rifle or pistol chambered for either cartridge should be banned(yes, bolt-actions and single-shots, too),
ANYTHING with a 'black parkerized finish or charging handle on the top or side' is not for self-defense and should be banned,
and on.  And on.  And then moved onto wanting gun licensing, registration, nation ballistic fingerprinting of every gun, sales only through a FFL holder or LE agency to other licensed owners, etc.  And ending with
 Is this a form of registration (like Hitler used when he collected all the guns and put a captial penalty on possession) - Unfortunately, yes. Will this prevent a Sandy Hook? Probably not, the gun owner was irresponsible (and largely I have no sympathy for her because of that.) But will it potentially prevent countless other Sandy Hooks? I think yes.
So.  It'll be hugely expensive, won't work very well, insanely troublesome for honest people and would NOT have preventted Sandy Hook, 'but it might prevent others so it's worth it!'
No, I did not move to Language Practice; I did keep to facts and history.
Ever notice how that pisses off people like this?

Dick's Sporting Goods hasn't just stepped on its dick; it did so wearing cleats.  This is going to cost that chain hugely, not only because of the "We won't deliver what we sold you" but the WAY they did this; I mean, come ON, people, how stupid are your managers?

Michael Moore, you racist bastard!
Back when this dirtbag brought out Fahrenheit 911, friend saw it and was really pissed at Bush; I printed out a list of, as I recall, '20 lies in the movie' and gave it to her.  Which list pissed her off even more at having been lied to so openly.

The wonders of gun control on display in Chicago:
CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago has logged its 500th homicide of 2012.
The last time the city reached the 500-homicide mark was in 2008, when the year ended with 512 killings. Last year, city records show Chicago had 435 homicides.
Ah, Chicago; where  Richard the Turd had constant armed security, where the Mayor's kids get police escort to and from their private school(which has armed guards), and they all lecture the commoners that "You don't need a gun, trust the police!"
But wait!  It's only 499 after all!  Except
Of course, the real reason can be found in our comment section:
  • Nope time to update again scc.... It appears gmac shit a brick at the morning phone conference with all of the commanders and demanded we stay under 500... Then poof, chief of dics offered the supt a case that could be reclassified to a death investigation... So now the dept officially came out and said we are at 499. This was info from a commander who was on the morning call but has now been confirmed via the statement and story by the tribune this afternoon... Yep it's all legit
What a joke.

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Yer behind the times with the Michigan Manatee, Kopel racked up 59 deceits and misleading statements on that steaming pile of libtard trash.