Thursday, May 17, 2012

One of the consequences of Algore's interwebs:

the major-media weenies can't shut down questions the way they used to.
Not just Reverend Wright, but this stunning new revelation that a close friend of Obama's -- and Michelle's benefactor in Chicago -- offered Wright $150,000 to remain silent in 2008.

Obviously this is newsworthy and relevant.

Which you can guess from the coordinated freak-out.

A Super-Pac is proposing a $10 million ad campaign highlighting the relationship between Obama and Wright.

So All The President's Men are trying to pressure Romney to disown the attack and stop it.
During the last Presidential election, KTOK had an interview one morning with the heads of the state Stupid Party and Evil Party. The SP guy pointed out that Obama had a lot of questionable past actions and past/current friends, including Wright; the EP guy blew a gasket. He did everything but openly call the SP guy a racist for daring to bring this up(which is why I've ignored the EP bastard ever since). Now a bunch of people aren't willing to give Wright a pass and can't be prevented from talking about it. And the EP clowns and their buttkissers in the major media really don't like it.

Why is Californicated so, ah, fornicated? Among other things
The Milken Institute says operating a business in California costs 23 percent more than the national average. Permitting is expensive and time consuming; restaurant permits available in other states within a couple of months can take 2 years. On his blog, Vranich says a company leaving the city of Los Angeles for another state can save up to 40 percent.
Put flatly, a company that's able to move can't afford not to.
I can't remember who it was, a couple of years back posted that the company he works for had a big warehouse in CA; then the state enacted a 'inventory tax' that would've taxed anything in the warehouse for more than 'x' days. Would've cost a fortune, so the company built a new warehouse in Nevada(something like a 15-mile distance) and moved it all there. Short enough distance that most of the staff were able to keep working there, and it saved the company a bleeping fortune. And cost Californicated all the other taxes and fees they'd been paying.

Well, if you had to associate daily with Biden, wouldn't you want a muzzle for him?

I guess this would count as 'under the radar', don't you think?
It continues:

Family members do not always take appropriate action to unload, secure, or remove firearms in the home. These actions should be taken regardless of the severity of dementia or whether your loved one is suffering from a behavioral problem or depression.


Your family member, who served his country and was trusted with automatic weapons, grenades, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, can’t be trusted with firearms, regardless of whether your loved one is having issues or not.

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Rev. Paul said...

Yeah, 'cause veterans are untrustworthy. I mean, I didn't even serve in this here MODERN military - I got out 35 years ago. And yet, at the age of 19, I had the keys to a nuclear missile launcher. But heaven help us if I want a rifle now.