Sunday, May 13, 2012

Never forget what people who are under 'commonsense gun laws'

(according to the enemy) have to go through to be allowed to keep their license

That's in Oz; in the People's Republic of New Jersey,
Four years ago, however, he had an accident and shot himself in the leg. When police responded they decided he was “a danger” and confiscated his firearms without a court order or any legal standing.

It has taken him four years of legal battles, but he’s finally won. This month a court ordered the Rockaway police to return Mr. Hopler’s gun collection saying that his disability did not eliminate his Constitutional rights as prescribed in the Second Amendment.
Note that: no warrant, no court order, the popo just decided to steal his property under color of law. And the higher authorities had no problem with that. I wonder of Gov. Christie gives a rats' ass?

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KurtP said...

Now for the 'other' question.

Did he get all of it back, or is he missing some rare or expensive ones that "fell through the cracks"...IYKWIMAIKYD.