Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Well... I don't think so

While out I went by a bicycle shop; nice weather, and I've always liked one for short trips to the store and library and such.


Either I picked the wrong shop, or bicycles have gone WAY the hell up. The least expensive I saw there was close to $500, there were a lot over $1k, and a few over $3k. Some of those cost more than my first truck and my last motorcycle.

I think I'll look at other shops a bit.


jon spencer said...

Those are about the right prices for decent bikes.
But if you do a price check with a cost of living calculator the prices are equivalent to what prices were back when.

Firehand said...

I'd figured, from bits & pieces I've heard, it's be $4-500 for a good one. And yeah, inflation does account for a lot; it's just a shock to see a BICYCLE for $800 and WAY up.

jon spencer said...

Last year I decided to do some biking again after years of not biking so I bought a entry level Trek last year and it was less (adjusted for inflation) than what I paid for a good Schwinn back in the late 70's and I believe that the Trek is a better bike.
But I did sit on a many thousand dollar Trek and all that I did was shake my head.
But some people buy Perazzi's and some (like me) buy Remingtons.

Gerry N. said...

I dunno about you, but here in the Far Away, Exotic Puget Sound area, Craigslist has dozens if not hundreds of high end two wheeled velocipedes at reasonable prices. Of course, some common sense must be applied to assure the buyer the machine in question is not stolen. Things like being sure the seller is who he/she claims to be and his/her address is actually where it is claimed to be. Still, $200 more or less is not too bad for a good bike.

Same-o Same-o canoes, cars, campers, and pickups.

Firehand said...

For some reason didn't think of Craigslist; I'll have to check it

Sigivald said...

Yeah, used bikes are where the good deals are, if one is even half mechanically inclined.

And I'm pretty sure no part of bike-mechanics is beyond your comfort zone, eh?

(I got a trashed old Raleigh last year to rebuild, because I half wanted a toodling-around bike, and because I wanted to learn how to work on them.

Easy-peasy, with a Basic Bike Repair book, for the most part.)

Firehand said...

No, don't mind some fix-up at all; kind of fun, actually