Thursday, May 17, 2012

If you're needing bullets,

Midsouth has a sale on blemished bullets.

Awright, who's been playing with their chemistry set?

Not long after I got my current bike, I decided to get this air filter for it; cost a little more than the factory, but even getting the cleaning kit wasn't much more. And this one you can clean and use again; pays for itself real quick. Which is part of what I did today, along with cleaning, lubing and adjusting the chain.

Such interesting thought processes at CSGV...

Really? Martin seemed to have been imbibing illegal substances? Whoda thunk such a thing?

Situational Awareness: it is your friend, especially with garbage like this happening(any bets as to the dirtbags saying something like "Justice for Trayvon!" after the murder?).

Well, YEAH, they're upset about that crap.

This video... this is a sick, sick culture.

Expert or not, you can't make a mistake with some critters. Usually you only get one, this guy was lucky.

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