Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A try at some new grips

In this case on a S&W K22The factory grips are in great shape(and carefully put away), but too small for comfortable shooting. So I dug out a walnut plank and did some layout. A while back while at Harbor Freight I ran across a trim router(much like this) on sale; "That might be handy for some projects!" thinks I, and I was right. I found it a lot easier to use for something like the inletting on grips like these than a full-size router.

The router does the bulk of the cutting, then used chisels to clean it up, then a lot of rasping and filing and then sanding later they were ready for some coats of this stuff. Very good stuff it is, makes a very durable finish that's easy to touch up if it gets dinged. I did take them to the range before finishing, so I could find if anything needed to be changed, then did the final sanding.

I did make a set of escutcheons and a screw for them; I'll do another post later on how, it's nice to be able to make them instead of ordering.

I think they'll work well.


Bob said...

Look like a compromise between the standard S&W Target stocks and the Trooper stocks popularized by the late Bill Jordan. Handsome!

Firehand said...

Yeah, that's about it. wanted something longer front-to-back and thicker. These feel pretty nice, but they'll need a serious trying-out, of course.