Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When "We were only following ordersprocedures"

becomes the excuse for everything, this is what you get.
  • In November 2010, the Daily Mail reported that a woman passenger carrying 12 ounces of her breast milk asked for the bottles to be visually inspected, per TSA guidelines, instead of run through the x-ray machine. In response to her request, TSA screeners detained the woman for an hour, causing her to miss her flight, and told her that “if she didn't 'go through with the horse and pony show' she would be arrested.” The TSA responded to the story on its blog thusly: “Although the proper screening procedures were followed at the time, we acknowledge this particular passenger experienced an out of the ordinary delay, and have worked with our officers to ensure we proceed with expediency in screening situations similar to this.”
  • In 2008, a heavily pierced traveler was made by Lubbock TSA screeners to remove her nipple piercings with a pair of pliers while two male screeners snickered and cracked jokes. Once again, the TSA defended the actions of its people on the ground. “The bottom line: the security officers followed the procedures for when someone alarms the metal detector and did nothing wrong,” wrote “Lynn” on the TSA Blog. “But, after looking at the procedure the officers followed, it was determined that the procedures should be modified.”
Uh, you know something? If you were hiring people with working brains and a sense of honor THEY WOULDN'T BE DOING THE SHIT THAT'S CAUSING ALL THE UPROAR, now would they?
Of course, if you had people who actually gave a damn about catching terrorists instead of being PC and interested in security theater, the rules wouldn't be so effing stupid, either.

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Vinnie said...

It is my policy to beat stupid bureaucrats with a chair when they show a lack o common sense.