Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the Knob Hill Board of Directors and the Property Owners Association

ought to be collectively horsewhipped. I'd say 'shamed', but it appears they have no shame. Or ethics.
Late last week, a lawyer for the HOA served the contractors on site with a cease and desist letter to stop the preparation of the build site. Facing strong opposition from the Property Owners Association, the Knob Hill Board of Directors and the Property Owners Association met again on June 20th, just four days before the planned kickoff of the home build. Homes for Our Troops was then notified that the house plans do not meet the Knob Hill standards and the original approval was thus rescinded. Homes for Our Troops has now been told that it must begin anew the entire approval process and that the house needs to be at least 3400 square feet and multi-level to even be considered.
Note that the clowns now say 'plans are moving forward'; I'd hope they realized just what assholes they were being, but it's probably Deity-knows how many people TELLING them that that gave them the idea that their behavior wasn't exactly going over well.
"Shockingly, it appears that the Knob Hill community has decided it does not want to welcome SFC Gittens and his family, as we were previously told," said Homes for Our Troops Founder John Gonsalves. "Despite our working closely with the Knob Hill Property Owners Association over the past four months, we find ourselves in an untenable situation. We cannot afford to add 700 square feet to the house, particularly under our special adaptive plans. And our experience in building over 100 homes dictates that severely injured veterans need a specially adapted single level home. Frankly, this late action begun by the Knob Hill Property Owners means we must suspend working on the home. The Knob Hill Property Owners Association has now assured that SFC Gittens and his family will not be able to have the home they so desperately need. We have done everything in our power to try to resolve this situation, but it appears that the community is not willing to accept this home, and SFC Gittens and his family into the community."


GuardDuck said...

They won't accept a house that conforms to the Americans with disabilities act?

Hmmmm, might be an angle there.

Firehand said...

Kind of wondered about that... Man, THAT would probably give them a real pucker factor