Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ok, first go read her story

here. Then I'll tell mine.

At the job I used to hold, we went through a long period of parts & replacement shortage combined with 'there ain't enough techs to handle everything in this building and all the other drops in short order', so even more than before trouble calls were classified into 1: they're down or dead and that's it, 2: this is a definite inconvenience but doesn't have to be fixed NOW, and 3: When we can get around to it.

Printers were generally a 2, as you could still run traffic, and if you really needed to print something almost everyone had other printers somewhere in the office or building; put the message on a disk or flash drive and go to it. But some people tended to see any problem of THEIRS as being a 1. A BIG 1. Which led to the call I'm thinking of; coming in toward the end,
"I've got the trouble ticket open, but like I said it'll be at least tomorrow, probably the day after before they can get out there."
"But we're very busy, and I need it fixed tonight!"
"We don't open priority 1 tickets on printers."
"What'm I supposed to do?!?", flash drive, etc. Steadily more unhappy dispatcher. Finally,
"I Want It Fixed Tonight!"
"I want my hair back, but that's not likely to happen either."
There was about three seconds of silence, then he hung up.
I waited about a week to see if my supervisor would wander back and ask "Did you say that? And why?", but he never did, so either the guy didn't bitch or supervisor, who was a pretty good guy, figured out the backstory.

And no, the 'job I used to hold' has nothing to do with this or anything like it. I swear.


skidmark said...

Either the link is bad (Forbidden
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Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.) or it's at a souper-seekret site I'm not worthy enough to see.

stay safe.

LeeAnn said...

Skidmark: I don't know why it would do that. I'm sure not supersecret. Unless you're the CIA. Then I'm a bank vault. Sorta.
In any case, I'm thinking it might have been a temporary glitch. And I apologize much.

And Firehand? That was an excellent response you gave.