Monday, March 21, 2011

Every time one of these people lets out what they really think

it tells us what kind of government they'd really like to see:
The Democrats need to do what is right in this situation. This is one of those scenarios in American politics where the smartest, most intuitive citizens need to force legislation upon the people, even when it is not the popular choice. The leadership roles that Congress and the President have taken oaths to uphold need to make decisions that are blatantly and obviously the correct ones, which will make for a safer country. A safer country, even when many citizens do not have the intellectual abilities to understand that it is the safest choice for them.
Got that? You don't support registration/bans because you're not intellectually capable of understanding what's good for you; so the Smart Peopletm need to force these laws on you.

It's probably too late to pile on the hippy; from the looks of it he's been so piled-on he probably has trouble breathing.


Keith said...

Could poor little Chadwick Bowman be the real life antithesis of the fictional Henry Bowman?

John B said...

Maybe he'd like to be Dave Bowman.

Officer Hal, these gunnies are beating me up sooooo baaaadddd.
Help ME!

I'm sorry! Dave! I can't do that!