Monday, March 21, 2011

About those $1 LED yard lights

and a suggestion in comments: in an no-electricity emergency have some that you charge during the day and bring in at night. So the other night I brought that one in and turned off all the lights to see how it did.

Better than a candle, more light spread around. The bad thing was that the faceted(?) globe around it broke the light up into vertical bars, good enough to walk around or sit with but I'd hate to have to do any kind of work with it. If you could find some with smooth globes, that'd be much nicer for the purpose.


Mattexian said...

Since it's springtime, most places have a big selection of those right now. Definitely a good idea.

Phelps said...

Or just plan to use multiples so that the shadows are somewhat filled.

I'm figuring on replacing all that with LEDs, but I know how to handle them in bulk and run them from a (few) central source(s).