Thursday, March 24, 2011

First, a mass-shooting at a school would be a number of things

but a 'disaster' it is not; second, is this really the best background they could think of?

I mean 'best' as in 'factual', not as in 'suits the current administrations and liberals personal bigotries'.

Students were sent home with permission slips to participate in the exercise. One parent whose daughter was slated to participate in the mock drill, after reading the proposed scenario, expressed concern over the scenario and its perceived anti-white, pro-illegal immigrant stance. He was told by the local EMS coordinator in charge that his daughter was no longer allowed to participate in the drill and that she nor her father were allowed to be on site on the day of the drill.


Windy Wilson said...

"Reed said the exercise is not intended to be political and shouldn't be interpreted as criticizing gun owners or opponents of illegal immigration. The fictitious scenario will not be played out during the exercise and there will be no use of racial slurs, cursing or actual gunplay. Firearms will be used as props, but no ammunition will be used during the event.

'This is purely the backdrop and the setup, if you will, to help create a perception of reality for the responders,' Reed said."

As Bill Cosby used to say when he was playing Noah in one of his comedy sketches, "Riiiiiight."

They wanted a scenario, and rather than looking at motivations of other school shooters, they asked some flaming leftist what he or she was afraid of, and the answer was, "my political opponents, because they have guns and I'm afraid they'll do what I would do if I weren't so scared to touch a gun."

They wanted to get a few gratuitous kicks in on their political opponents while doing a bit of responder training.

Keith said...

Ah yes, a blonde haired, Lutheran, teenager of Scandinavian ancestry, shouting; "Jesus loves you!" before opening fire...

of course it isn't political, couldn't possibly be could it?

I mean, think of that last multiple public shooting in Finland, the suicide bombing in Sweden and the shooting of the US servicemen at airport in Germany - It's that dangerous European heritage, it's, it's, it's...

A "brown scare" anyone?