Monday, March 21, 2011

This kind of dirtbag behavior...

At the trial, ATF testified that they had ground away welds and replaced most of the gun's internal mechanism to finally get the gun to fire three rounds with a single pull of the trigger.
The whole case is disgusting; that someone who professes to be a lawman of the United States would take part in it is even more so. These people should be fired, and should be personally liable- as well as the agency being liable- for this idiocy.

They actually testified that they had to completely rework the rifle to make it behave as they wanted. And expected that admission to help them get a conviction. These people belong in cells for a few years as well as being sued into oblivion for this.

President Obama yesterday praised Brazil for its new offshore oil industry and said he wants to buy as much oil as possible in this new win-win partnership — although we have piled up $5 trillion in new debt, curtailed new petroleum exploration off shore and in the West, as well as kept Alaska off-limits. Our near-term energy future apparently lies in borrowing money to buy oil from those we praise for drilling where we never would ourselves.

More reason why PBS should be cut off from public money:
Someone at its Frontline website has been substituting fake biographies of conservatives written by an organization called Right Web for legitimate institutional biographies. Right Web is a project of the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), a think tank whose scholars’ positions range from left wing to Marxist. When challenged about inaccuracies on the dossiers he compiles of “right wing militarists,” the editor of Right Web e-mailed that even when no evidence supports his allegations, corrections of his slanders would require proving his allegations wrong, an impossible standard that is also embraced by conspiracy theorists like the LaRouchies, 9/11 revisionists, and Birthers. Right Web is also among the worst Google manipulators in the political realm.

The only proper response to this letter would be "Dear Detective & Captain: Fuck you. And no. Sincerely,"

And on that "Were do the cartels get weapons?" question, among other answers is

The El Paso Times has a story based on a Wikileaks leaked diplomatic message. It reports that businessmen in Juarez hired eight Zetas for protection, and Zetas got guns from the army in exchange for a truce with the Zetas and promises of assistance against rival cartels:

"According to the contact, (the source)," the cable states, " 'Zetas' paid a visit on local military commanders when they arrived in Juárez in September 2008, and purchased previously-seized weapons from the army garrison the former 'Zetas' pledged not to target the army, and made themselves available to the army for extrajudicial operations."


Keith said...

I can't find the link at present, but I read somewhere that the big 0 donated US tax dollars to help fund the development of Brazil's deep water oilfield.

You'd think that with 3 wars going concurrently, your commi in chief would be available for meetings in DC...

Keith said...


Have you seen this before?

The Sterling prototype is my favourite, sort of like the pup from a Sterling SMG that had a one night stand with a BREN.