Friday, March 25, 2011

My, wasn't FDR a wonderful guy

for engineering societies?
The transcript of those discussions, which Dr. Medoff cites, reveals what FDR said about the status of the 330,000 Jews living in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia: “The number of Jews engaged in the practice of the professions (law, medicine, etc) should be definitely limited to the percentage that the Jewish population in North Africa bears to the whole of the North African population…The President stated that his plan would further eliminate the specific and understandable complaints which the Germans bore toward the Jews in Germany, namely, that while they represented a small part of the population, over fifty percent of the lawyers, doctors, school teachers, college professors, etc., in Germany, were Jews.”


Anonymous said...

By the way, that "over fifty percent" was a flat lie. It was Nazi propaganda that FDR regurgitated intact.

Not that he doesn't deserve credit for going to war against them. A lot of Americans were against that, and not only on the left.

Keith said...

Small matter that with a mean IQ of around 110 for the Jews in North African countries with national mean IQs in the 80s (remedial class level), you were never going to get equality of outcome.

I've a .pdf download of Murray Rothbard's "America's Great Depression" waiting to be read fully. I skimmed through it and Rothbard seems to be equally critical of Hoover's interference.

Add FDR's comments to the Morganthau plan to reduce Germany's population by several tens of millions, destroy its industries, block its mines and render it for all time an agricultural economy.

The Germans were well aware of the plan and its genocidal content - one of many reasons (along with the allies ignoring the German opposition, and refusal to countenance anything other than unconditional surrender) the Germans fought WWii to the bitter end. (Ref: Raico, "Great Wars; Great leaders?")

We can only speculate on how this influenced their thinking on "the final solution" to "the Jewish question"

I suspect that their attitude was, "We're damned anyway so we may as well..."

I'm an agnostic, but hopefully there is a special hell for all of them.

AM said...

To this day Jews out represent other ethnic groups among Nobel Prize winners.

And good for them. Hard work in any field should be honored and upheld as an example to others.