Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm real close to despising Unique

The propellant, that is. It's very useful; for a number of cartridges and loads it's the 'go-to' stuff for best accuracy. And they improved it a few years back so it's a lot cleaner-burning. But it's still a pain in the ass.

I have yet to see a powder measure it'll go through and consistently give the same amount. You'll go along and get anywhere from two to a dozen exact measures and then you'll get one(or three, or five) that are light. Not just a touch, mind you, but tenths of a grain off. Occasionally more. And if you keep throwing charges and checking suddenly it'll be exactly on the setting again. And then may give a few that are slightly high.

Pain In The Ass.

Hopefully I'll someday find a way to cause this stuff to meter consistently and precisely, until then it'll continue to be a great big PITA.


YeOldFurt said...

In all the years I've been using Unique, I've noticed a bit of "static cling" in the hopper when throwing charges. I've taken to wiping the hopper and drum down with an alcohol "napkin" prior to use in order to alleviate the problem, but I really feel it's some kind of "magnetic" attraction.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with Unique. I've taken to loading only small batches, weighing each charge on a balance.
If I need to load a bunch of pistol ammo, I'll use TiteGroup, which meters a lot better and is pretty close as to burn rate and volume. Not an ideal solution, as Unique is a tad cleaner, but it works for me.

Keith said...

If the problem is static,

can you wipe the hopper and measure out with graphite powder?

I think there are also anti static sprays, but I don't know what they might do to the powder.

BobG said...

Never had any problem with it over the years. I should also say that I have the habit of giving the hopper a light tap after each charge(with any kind of powder), to keep it from bridging. It is second nature to me, and could be why I've never had a problem. I check from time to time with a scale, and have consistently accurate loads.

Firehand said...

I prefer Titegroup or 2400 or almost any ball powder to flake; I've had similar problems with Clays, for instance. No idea how static could cause it, but it's possible; never have tried wiping out the thing before use.

Now I may have to also try running some graphite through, just to see if it makes a difference.

Bob, I could see that on a regular press; with the Dillon the measure get a jar every stroke of the handle, I'd think that'd do the same. However, next time I load some with the Hornady measure I'll try the measure-tap and see what happens.

Billll said...

Even my Titegroup had that problem when I first started using it. Solution: Simple. Just wipe down the outside of the powder dispenser with a used dryer sheet. Static gone.

AM said...

Pretty much all the flake powders are going to have static cling problems.

I have a bunch of Turk flake powder that I pulled from 8x57 that clings to everything with a furious tenacity.

So I just load middle of the road loads with Unique and don't worry if it ends up a tenth above or below for plinking rounds.

Firehand said...

The two I've had problems with the most are Unique and Clays, not quite as bad with Bullseye.

Odd thing: I dump the hopper at the end of loading and Titegroup granules are all over the inside; tap it a couple of times and they fall loose and out, yet it's a very smoothly-metering powder. Unique never sticks at all, but is a PITA to get consistent measures.

What I do for the 'full match with factory loads' with Gold Dots is throw the charges into the cases(in a loading block) and then look at them with a good light; any that look different I weigh, and they're ALWAYS low. Those top off to proper weight, then look again.

Kevin said...

Unique seems to meter OK on my Square Deal-B press. It's what I use in my .45ACP loads. But the powder measure goes through a lot of gyrations on that press, so I'm pretty sure that helps pack the measure consistently. It never metered well through my RCBS measure unless I did the "whack the handle three times" on every throw.