Sunday, March 20, 2011

In (formerly Great)Britain,

The bad:
A sex attacker who raped a virgin on a town centre pavement as motorists drove by without stopping has been jailed.

Gary Gunstone stalked the woman through the streets of Bideford, North Devon, just after midnight as she walked to her parents home after visiting her boyfriend.

The 15-stone brute dragged her to the ground and raped her in full view of passing drivers.

The worse:
The judge said Gunstone had raped the woman just two weeks after his jail licence had expired for a previous sex attack which had 'spine chilling' similarities to this attack.
What the HELL?
Mr Laws said Gunstone was jailed for 12 months in August 2009 at Exeter Crown Court for a sexual assault on a woman in very similar circumstances.

In that case he dragged her to the ground in Barnstaple, North Devon , and attacked her even though she was with her sister who tried to fight him off.

He said the similarities were that Gunstone had been drinking in each case, both attacks were in the early hours, and both ignored the danger of being seen.
So after that he was in jail for a whole year? That's IT? I wonder if they'll make him stay the whole time, or if they'll find some excuse to release him after, oh, 1.5 years this time? And then he can rape the next one.

Pieces of walking crap like this get out of prison in stupid-short times, and since in (fG)Britain nowadays you can wind up in jail and sued for coming to the defense of someone(want to bet that of anyone who saw this happening that's why they didn't do anything?) and self-defense can get you jailed...

Britain. Toilet. Hear the flushing sound?


Marja said...

Rather similar situation in Finland. Even pedophiles rarely get more than a few years, and for rapes things like 'it didn't last very long' have been used as an argument for a lighter sentence. Just recently a hiv-positive man who raped a sixteen year old girl on her way home from grocery store got two years and two months, and it's highly likely he will be out much sooner.

Keith said...

Britain has twice the per capita rape rate that the US has.

Gun free Australia has 3 times!

At least no one got shot... :-(

Windy Wilson said...

or stabbed.

As for no one intervening, after all, they might have been a couple acting out some kinky sex fantasy, and you would be committing a crime if you injured or killed the man.

BTW, 15 stone is 210 lbs, which is pretty big any way you measure it.

It would be a mercy for everyone if (f)GB just slipped beneath the waves leaving a noxious brown sludge, something like Atlantis. For the people in authority there is too much invested in the status quo which is so quickly on its way to the time of "the war of all against all" that I predict the only group with the willingness to set the place in order will be the un-assimilating muslims. I give them another generation, by which time there won't be enough of f(GB) to save in a museum. The Smithsonian should put a bid in for the British Museum and the libraries at Oxford and Cambridge now, while the dollar is still worth something.

Keith said...

"The Smithsonian should put a bid in for the [f g]British Museum and the libraries at Oxford and Cambridge now, while the dollar is still worth something."

And before said non assimilators burn their contents for not according with the book that has its "mother [copy] in heaven".

I'm not sure whether the claimed mother copy contains all the little changes of policy, or the advice on which children, and wives wives of stepsons the "profit"* could hump.


*I can spell "prophet" but I only use the word for those whom I believe might have been