Tuesday, February 01, 2011

This is officially the second worst snowfall mess

I've ever seen. THE worst was 1971, lived in Medford at the time and three counties got an even three feet overnight*; this isn't near that heavy, but as I recall the winds blew out with the storm on that one. Here, it's still blowing like bleep, makes it hard to do much; even with face covering you start getting cold pretty quick. I nearly froze a few fingertips some years back, and they start telling me about it when they're getting cold. As of this moment we're still a touch below the snowfall of the Christmas Eve blizzard last year, but we may pass it; and again, then the wind dropped off right about the time the snow was ending.

At this point I think I'll stay in until all the medium/heavy stuff has stopped. Speaking of which,
It doesn't do justice to what it's like to stand in this mess.

They just reported that in Boise City, up in the panhandle, wind chill is at -36. Damn.

*The official word from the NWS is that only one county, Harper, got that measurement; I know Dad went into a field, no drifts, and got an even yardstick from snowtop to ground in Grant as well. So the NWS can kiss my ass.

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Jennifer said...

Yep. It's pretty bad out there. Even H&H closed up shop.