Sunday, January 30, 2011

Few years ago, just before his first deployment,

son gave me a gen-u-wine Army ACU boonie hat. Very handy, and wore it a lot to keep the sun out of my eyes(and sometimes the rain). Until Security Staff(Jr.) got hold of it and chewed a big damn hole in it.

While here on leave at Christmas he gave me a worn-out ACU cap. I cut a suitable piece out, used some wash-out fabric glue to roll the edges over and then tack the patch in place while I stitched; came out pretty well.
I love it when a fix comes together.


AM said...


Mattexian said...

At least you got to fix it, I'd just bought a new ACU patrol cap for my Guard service (in '07), and the next day one of my dogs chewed on both corners of the brim! I had to buy a replacement one ASAP, which was slightly more snug than the first.

Firehand said...

I'll tell you, when I found this hat by Jr. with the crown chewed out, I considered converting him into a sporran.

This one's just a touch small, but I found out when caught in the rain one day that it expands in size rather drastically when wet; still kept my glasses dry, but just kept sinking lower & lower on my head.