Monday, January 31, 2011

I filled the bird feeder out front maybe 45 minutes ago,

and the little buggers- between eating and spillage- have already emptied the buffet.

In other news, we're sitting under a winter storm watch from about 1800 tonight to the same tomorrow, mostly snow and strong winds in this area. I don't know if it's the weather shifting or something else but some of my joints are bloody awful the last couple of days. And I get to look forward to clearing snow off the walk and driveway tonight & tomorrow, with it being damn cold the next few days. Wonderful.

I do have some emergency stuff that stays in the truck all the time; Sportsman's Guide had a sale on some Brit surplus stuff a couple of years back and I got a belt/suspender set that has two ammo pouches and two big pouches in the back; small first-aid kit, water, a MRE(or two), space blanket and such fit in it nicely. And there's always a flashlight or two in the vehicle, and a light axe, and a tow strap. Some paracord. And the bigger aid kit that stays in the truck, which has some burn gel and general stuff. Only problem is that in the kind of weather predicted you'd have to stick that frozen bottle of water inside your coat to melt. Damn, that'd suck.

At the moment I've got a pot of stew started, it'll be simmering for the afternoon. And I may make some banana bread; friend gave me a family recipe that's not as sticky as most(sorry, can't share it; she'd strangle me). I've got whiskey, so no repeat of trudging to the supplies store in the blizzard that happened Christmas a year ago(it's emergency supplies, shut up). I need to give the stew a stir, and find some ibuprofen and see if it helps the aches.

By the way, reading the various news of how Obama & Co. are dealing with the mess in Egypt & surrounding countries, anybody else feel like sending him a bag of peanuts? Jimmy Carter II, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

I can see the report now:
The One, The O'bungler springs into Enlightened action, shakes a superlight menthol 100 out of the hard pack, taps it manfully forty three times on the side of the boxto settle the tobacco, lights up with his manly Zippo, inhales a lungful of satisfying smoke, exhales thoughtfully, then glancing Presidentially at the Popiel Official State Teleprompter, instructs staff to book an eight week State vacation to the Cote d' Azur for February and March and an afternoon tee time for today. World Now Safe.

Gerry N.