Wednesday, February 02, 2011

It's amazing how warm you can get at 5F

when you're working and out of the wind. Also, a while back Lawdog had a post on the shemagh; I'd picked one up at a gun show and son brought me one from Iraq. I found you can put on a cap, then tie the shemagh on and this will keep your head and face warm and keep the sun out of your eyes; very nice on a day like today.

Oh, Uncle mentioned this the other day; the ACLU has fallen afoul of some of the bullcrap disguised as law enforcement and anti-terrorist activity:
The Tennessee ACLU sent a letter to public schools warning them not to celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. The Tennessee Fusion Center (H/T Uncle) put the communication on its map of “terrorism events and other suspicious activity”:
Rittgers says "Join the club; how do you like it?"
The North Texas Fusion System labeled Muslim lobbyists as a potential threat; a DHS analyst in Wisconsin thought both pro- and anti-abortion activists were worrisome; a Pennsylvania homeland security contractor watched environmental activists, Tea Party groups, and a Second Amendment rally; the Maryland State Police put anti-death penalty and anti-war activists in a federal terrorism database; a fusion center in Missouri thought that all third-party voters and Ron Paul supporters were a threat; and the Department of Homeland Security described half of the American political spectrum as “right wing extremists.”

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Mattexian said...

I love my shemaghs, finding them great *especially* when it's this frigid! I've been wrapping up in it like another hood, then pulling a sweater hoodie over it, using it as a liner and it fills that space at the neck nicely. I can't say it's been near zero like for you, so I can leave my nose peeking out and not fogging up my glasses. (During the summer the shemaghs find some use too, to mop up sweat after mowing the yard, and insulating a water bottle while it waits for me to take a break during said mowing.)