Wednesday, February 02, 2011

If this is true, it's PC idiocy of the highest level Updated

Just spoke with the son. He saw a troop with a Thunderbird patch
and asked him if was from Oklahoma. Talked a bit, and this troop told him there'd been a complaint that the Thunderbird has a 'too-close' resemblance to some racist symbol and that new troops in the 45th would no longer be issued this patch as a result.

I haven't found anything online, have fired a couple of e-mails off looking for information. Any of you heard anything about this? If not true, I want to let son know; if it IS true, I want to yell about it.


Yesterday I sent to the 45th ID museum and asked if they'd heard anything about such a change occurring; this morning they advised have heard of no such thing. So hopefully the troop who said this was passing on nothing more than a rumor.


KurtP said...

A German eagle? If you were a pants wetting PC type, there might be a resemblance.

Firehand said...

That's the only thing I can think of; problem is, Thunderbird was adopted in 1939 after the Nazis effed-up the use of the swastika. So considering how many bad guys the 45th was involved in whacking, yelling about the symbol is a bit stupid.

'Course, there's lots of that going around.

Phelps said...

And the German Eagle was appropriated from the Roman Imperial Eagle... which we also appropriated.

Milo said...

If this is true my father is rolling over in his grave right now. 45th ID, North Africa, Sicily and Italy.