Sunday, November 28, 2010

I shall begin todays yelling with the moron Edmund Morris,

who still thinks calling us "insensitive to foreign sensibilities, who are lazy, obese, complacent and increasingly perplexed as to why we are losing our place in the world to people who are more dynamic than us and more disciplined.” is is some kind of striking insult(Eddie, assholes like you have been saying that for decades; and we don't care). We're supposed to be sensitive to who, Eddie? The 'world leaders' who crap on us for not doing what they want just because it would hurt us? The opinion of clowns who're so PC-at-any-cost that they'll let sharia courts run things in large chunks of their cities? Screw you, you miserable little puke. This crap has been going on a loooong time, as Insty notes from Whitman:
...the Democratic Republic has paid her to-day the terrible and resplendent compliment of the united wish of all the nations of the world that her Union should be broken, her future cut off, and that she should be compell’d to descend to the level of kingdoms and empires ordinarily great!There is certainly not one government in Europe but is now watching the war in this country, with the ardent prayer that the united States may be effectually split, crippled, and dismember’d by it. There is not one but would help toward that dismemberment, if it dared. I say such is the ardent wish to-day of England and of France, as governments, and of all the nations of Europe, as governments. I think indeed it is to-day the real, heart-felt wish of all the nations of the world, with the single exception of Mexico–Mexico, the only one to whom we have ever really done wrong, and now the only one who prays for us and for our triumph, with genuine prayer.
We are all too prone to wander from ourselves, to affect Europe, and watch her frowns and smiles. We need this hot lesson of general hatred, and henceforth must never forget it. Never again will we trust the moral sense nor abstract friendliness of a single government of the world
And most of us don't, Eddie, because we know how much of foreign sensibilities is tied into wanting to ruin us so they'll look better.

Speaking of idiots, have you heard of Wendy Scott?
Last week, Wendy Scott, one of two sixth-grade teachers, sent a letter home to the parents of all sixth-graders announcing that she and Susan LaFlamme were instituting a new rule barring students from carrying any writing implements on their person, in a backpack, or on the school bus.

The memo explained that students would be issued a pencil for use in class that would be collected at the end of the school day.

The memo cited behavior problems and said any student found in possession of a pen or mechanical pencil after Nov. 15 would be assumed to have the implement “to build weapons,” or to have stolen it from the classroom art supply basket.

Offending students would be sent to the principal's office for disciplinary measures, the memo stated.

It seems dumbass did this all on her own(or else the school is letting her hang for it, whichever), and the school disowned her actions. And then added this:
Asked to comment on the fallout from the teachers' action, she said “There is nothing newsworthy about the day-to-day running of a school.”
Well, Peterson, when one of you teachers does something idiotic like this, it IS newsworthy, whether you like it or not.

In 2005, leaders in Portland, Oregon, angry at the Bush administration's conduct of the war on terror, voted not to allow city law enforcement officers to participate in a key anti-terror initiative, the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force. On Friday, that task force helped prevent what could have been a horrific terrorist attack in Portland. Now city officials say they might re-think their participation in the task force -- because Barack Obama is in the White House.
Can you say 'Idiot, chickenshit politicians'?
I knew you could!

I hope this dumbass thief was much the worse for wear when the cops got there.

Totally unrelated to anything else, proof that Australians are out of their frikkin' minds

And last, on the Globular Warmering front, past hysteria:
Sledges, snowmen, snowballs and the excitement of waking to find that the stuff has settled outside are all a rapidly diminishing part of Britain's culture, as warmer winters - which scientists are attributing to global climate change - produce not only fewer white Christmases, but fewer white Januaries and Februaries.
However, the warming is so far manifesting itself more in winters which are less cold than in much hotter summers. According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become "a very rare and exciting event".
"Children just aren't going to know what snow is," he said.
David Parker, at the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research in Berkshire, says ultimately, British children could have only virtual experience of snow. Via the internet, they might wonder at polar scenes - or eventually "feel" virtual cold
etc., etc., ad "We're all gonna die!", contrasted with actual current weather:
Britain experienced its coldest November night for a quarter of a century last night, as forecasters warned that the unseasonably teeth-chattering temperatures will continue well into this week.

Thermometers at Llysdinam, near Llandrindod Wells, Powys, recorded -17.3C, the coldest temperature for the month seen in the UK since 1985, and Wales's chilliest November night ever recorded.

Other particularly cold spots included Shawbury, in Shropshire, with -12.5C; Lough Fea, in Northern Ireland, with -9.2C; and Church Fenton, in North Yorkshire, with -11.9C.
(note: if I remember the conversion right, -17.3C is just above zero Fahrenheit)
More than a foot of snow has already fallen in parts of Scotland and northern England, with around a third of that amount seen in areas of central England and Norfolk. More snow, mixed with sleet and rain, is due later in the week.

The Met Office has severe weather warnings in place for a large section of central and eastern Scotland and north-east England due to anticipated further snowfalls
Hmmm, CRU... wasn't there something about fraud and such in some e-mails that got out from them?


Keith said...

I put the winter tyres on my car on Friday - there was snow above about 1500 feet on the hills here.

Saturday morning we had 7 inches of the stuff at the house (altitude 250 feet).
Last night, the chicken mesh on the out door critter cages filled up with frost crystals from the freezing fog in the valley here and I had to put the heaters in them to keep the water bottles from splitting. The snow was too cold to make snowballs. Don't know what temperature that happens at?

I started the car about 9 this morning, the sun was already on it and the thermometer read -6C.

The roads were a real joy - zero gritting and polished ice, ideal for finding out how much air to let out of the tyres to get some grip. Hopefully I'll have tyre chains here for next week.

Driving home tonight, there was some academic clown on the radio explaining how important it is not to confuse "weather" with "climate" and how the instrumental record shows "unprecedented sinister and dangerous warming..."

- yep, Anthony Watts showed us watt that was: poor siting, urban heat islands, moving the stations which are selected south and to lower altitude, and massaging, err sorry adjusting the instrumental record to diminish older records and inflate recent ones.

The thermometer on the car went from -3 C to - 5C while I was laughing at him.

My pals in North East England said there was about 7" on the east side of the Pennines and about knee deep closer to the coast.

My old farming pals over there aren't betting on global warming, they've all invested in tracked vehicles, big sledges and the like, after last winter's embarrassment.

Sigivald said...

Can you say 'Idiot, chickenshit politicians'?

Kneejerk leftism is the norm here in Portland, sadly.