Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You know, there really should be a "I don't care what your job is, (link fixed)

your ass is fired as of NOW" action that can be taken.
4-year-old Ryan Thomas is developmentally disabled as a result of being 16 weeks premature and has to wear corrective braces. His ankles are malformed and his legs have little or no muscle tone. He only just learned how to walk, briefly, on his own, according to thePhiladelphia Inquirer.

But that didn't seem to matter to the Transportation Security Administration screeners at Philadelphia International airport.
The screener replied that the boy would have to take the braces off and walk through the detector again. When Leona Thomas attempted to walk with Ryan she was told he would have to do it alone.

She tried, calmly, to explain that Ryan could barely walk with the braces, let alone without them, but the compassionless screener was deaf to her pleas, according to the newspaper
Read it. Breakables warning in effect. Especially with this:
The Thomases eventually complied and Ryan made it through on his own, but Bob immediately asked for a supervisor. The supervisor was less than sympathetic and stood by the screener's actions. A fellow police officer even told Bob Thomas to drop it and go enjoy his vacation.
Yeah, because abusing a disabled kid is no big deal for the vigilant 0rder-following bastards of the Totally Shithead Assholes brigade. And the clowns with badges who support them.

This is at the end:
But Bob Thomas didn't forget and after his trip he called the airport manager. Eventually, with help from Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Daniel Rubin, the TSA finally responded to the incident saying that the boy never should have had to remove his braces and they would be looking into what went wrong that day in March.
Note the 'with help from the Inquirer columnist' part; why the HELL would it take getting a newspaper involved to get the jackasses in charge of that office to 'respond' to this?

'They'll be looking into it'. Yeah. I'm sure they will. Right.


LibertyNews said...

Got a URL?

HossBoss said...

This happened way back in March?? Why are we not hearing about it until now? That was long before TSA's new scope and grope policies. Disgusting.

Kudos to the courage and determination of that little boy to be able to make it through on his own. He's got a lot of spunk for a six year old. Good for his dad for not dropping it. Where is the ADA in all of this? Why aren't they screaming on behalf of the wheelchair-bound and the brace-encumbered public?

BobG said...

I remember reading about it back then, but I forget where I saw it.